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  • Shiseido Senka's Perfect Whip Foam Review


    anyone tried the Perfect Whip before?

    I'm so excited! finally I got to try the famous whip foam cleanser from Shiseido's Senka facial cleanser range! I've been hearing about it for a long time but never did want to pay for someone to CP it for me. Alas my wait is over because Shiseido is has launched the Senka skincare range that carries the Perfect Whip in Malaysia! You can check it out at Watsons. It's only RM19.90! lovin the price tag *smiles*.

    now in my hands, the Perfect Whip foam cleanser

    It's one of the best selling cleansers in Japan which makes me really want to try it. Anything the Japanese is going ga-ga for in skincare, means it must be really good. They're super fussy about what they use or put on. Well that's just me and what I think :P Anyway this Perfect Whip is popular because of the F O A M. Yes the foam is different from any other foam cleansers you have use! The foam created by Perfect Whip is:

    • thick rich lather
    • foamy creamy
    • light / airy

    Shiseido uses a brush and a bowl to whip up a perfect batch of creamy light foam but I find that for home users, having a brush and bowl to create foam is time consuming. I went to youtube to search for videos on how to make the Perfect Whip foam and found two reliable videos. Only with 2cm of the cream cleanser on your palm, mix and fold into a sizable foam ball. Then gentle feel the foam against your face and using movements, cleanse your face. The video makes it feel like it's a ritual, kinda reminds me of Utada Hikaru's music video "Clean". There's a aesthetic feel about it.

    Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

    A rich foam cleanser which can dissolve makeup and draw out impurities from the pores. Contains hydrating agents, including amino acid, for smoothing and maintaining the natural moisture of the skin. This cleanser forms as a soft and rich peak, acting as a "cushion" to protect the skin from harsh cleansing motion. Meanwhile, it penetrates into the pores to clean impurities and excess sebum. Skin becomes clean, soft and hydrated.

    watch this video! makes u feel like using the cleanser haha

    how to make the perfect whip?

    how to use the Perfect Whip

    How to use create the Perfect Whip foam ball?
    1) Make sure hands are washed and wet
    2) Squeeze 2cm and add a few drops of water in your palm
    3) Lather into a creamy foam with a cupping motion
    4) If necessary, add more water during the lather process to create a soft peak;
    5) Clean your face with soft cleansing foam, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid eye and lip areas.

    another Japanese product I love Konjac sponge
    soft jelly-ish face cleansing sponge

    I tried using the mix & fold technique but failed to create a big foamy ball. Sigh hard but I'll practice. I turn to my Konjac Bamboo Charcoal sponge (thx to Candy bought it from Japan). It helped in creating a pool of foam for me! The Daiso's foam cleanser sponge also does the trick faster (since it's not compact like the Konjac sponge).

    went overboard creating foams!

    now I have my foam

    feeling the foam in my face

    Oh it feels so airy... yet not overly mushy and watery. The foam is so different, it's packed but light and airy. When I push the foam ball gently on my face and gently move in circular motion, it feels almost like the video so serene so soft and clean. It didn't strip my face oils away and leave it tight. Instead it was soft and nice, like a gentle foaming wash. Didn't sting my eyes at all (brownie point). I use the Senka lotion after this (a review coming up too) to moisturized my skin.

    • not a make up remover
    • gentle foam cleanser
    • hydrating finish
    • no squeaky clean, tight sensation afters
    • there's no apparent scent to it, smells like a cleanser hahaha!!!
    • no stinging to eyes (hahaha!!!)
    • For all skin type (except ultra-sensitive skin)

    feeling fresh & clean afters! :)

    Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser RM19.90 120g

    Highly recommend my friends to try this cleanser. Thanks to Shiseido for finally bringing in the Senka range. It's so affordable, I want to try the other cleansers in the range too for removing make up. Another product I hear is really good is the water base sun protection! hope that's available in Watsons, I need to get one before my skin fries up.

    me playing with the foams again

    not the right way to foam cleanse your face!

    For more information about Senka http://www.hada-senka.com. Enjoy 30% off the SENKA Perfect Watery Oil, Lotion or Perfect Whip with any purchase of RM50 and above in a single receipt. Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

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    1. Great review. This seems like a great product. I'm definitely checking it out.

      1. you tried the Hoshitsu Lotion, u should give this one a try! love this so much.. I'm so going to purchase this!!!

    2. Replies
      1. aih.... but.. i still not given up making foam like the girl in the video.. HOW SHE DO IT... ISABEL did u manage to make foam with hand or not? =_= angry oledi me everyday i practicing

    3. Very nice review! My current hada labo cleanser is nearly finished and was wondering what to get next. This is perfect for me. And I am in love with foam! Definitely getting my hands on this one.

      1. thanks Missy! I really recommend this foam to try, it's fun and the foam cleanser dissolves make up! but still we need to double cleanse just to make sure all make up is removed :D

    4. Ahahaha! Tammy you look very cute at the last picture. And the sponge is cute! <3

      1. thx thx... didn't thought would make so many ppl react... i thought i was cleansing my face really messy nia

    5. Totally love foam :) n the price is affordable tooo!

      1. love the price tag! b4 being launched here, ppl actually paid rm40-50 to CP it over to msia to use

    6. Totally love foam :) n the price is affordable tooo!

    7. so cute of you showing it with foam all on ur face !! hahaah

      1. muahhahhaa............. it's foam monster!!! was just cleansing my face with all the foam i make.... >_<!!

    8. I love foam face washes :D Definitely gotta check this one out :D

      1. u must check it out, u're going to love this one

    9. Will try it out after my current nano white snow wash finished.. Yay!

    10. I am using Himalaya now. But I need toner and moisturizer actually. Probably I've been sleeping late too but there's so many tiny pimples on my face now..on my cheek, forehead etc.

      1. try the hoshitsu lotion, FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just reviewed it recently!

        hmmm tiny pimples ah? pls drink more water yah...

    11. I tried creating foam, also failed lol

      1. i'm so going to youtube out n try try try try until i become foam sifu

    12. Tammy, what's the difference between the perfect whip and the perfect gel? And omg, there's also the liquid cleanser! Choices choices choices! Is it for different skin types? I have combination skin with dry patches on my cheeks, which one would you recommend? (Though honestly, the perfect whip sounds like a fun cleanser to play with in the morning, LOL)

    13. Is the price still RM19.90? If yes, I'm going to buy this right away. Hahaha..

    14. Is the price still RM19.90? If yes, I'm going to buy this right away. Hahaha..

    15. Is the price still RM19.90? If yes, I'm going to buy this right away. Hahaha..


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