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  • Facy 2 in 1 Cold Scrub Mud Mask Review (Bangkok)


    Facy 2 in 1 cold scrub mud mask

    During my stay in Bangkok last month for the P&G VisionHouse event, I followed a group of magazine editors around shopping. One of the editor, name Thara (not sure how to spell here name) went into Boots Pharmacy and bought the whole lot of Facy Mask off the shelves leaving none behind. Curious I asked her what's so nice about this face mask? Apparently her friend has asked her to get the masks and swears it's so good! I hunted the masks down, apparently it's rare and always out of stock.

    Lucky me, I bought the last 6 from Boots, Central World back to the hotel, opened one and was amazed at how good the mask is!!! This is my first time trying a 2-in-1 mask, a real mask that has  natural exfoliator in it! I finally got the time to review this and hope anyone going to Bangkok, can help buy more back for me too haha.

     Enriched with seaweed Extract, Pure Vitamin C & Whitening Scrub

    macam health food only

    Why I'm lovin this mask? first it's disgusting. Yeap it's disgustingly green and yucky mud. It smells like spirulina, the green supplements. It's cold to touch and there's tiny seeds in it. I have no idea what seeds it is, the packaging says it's a natural exfoliator. I applied it to my face avoiding my eye area and waited for 15mins. There's a cooling mud sensation on your face when you apply, but after a few mins my checks were tingling. After 10mins, I felt my face firming up and knew it was time to go rinse off. 

    The 2 in 1 Seaweed Mud Mask helps brighten your skin complexion using pure Vitamin C combined with concentrated fresh blue-green seaweed extract for anti-aging. Also smoothes and tone skin complexion with noticeable firmness and brightness after first time use. 

    Since this is also a scrub, I gently scrub my face in circular motion to scrub off the dead skin cells. I can feel the seeds, so I was careful not to scrub too hard in case my face rosak. After rinsing, my face was clean, soft and firm! Then I look into my mirror and see it really brightens up too! (amazing!! no wonder always out of stock!). 

    Blue-Green Seaweed extract, Pure vitamin C ( VC-IP), Vitamin E, Mulberry Bark extract, Exfoliator.

    How to use?
    Mask on face and leave on for 10-15 mintes while rinse off, rub in circle motion to let the scrub to clear out dead cell skin.

    showing the disgusting mask on my face 

    see my brighten & smooth face?

    It's not expensive to buy the mask, I think it was below RM5 for a piece from Boots Pharmacy. Anyone going to Bangkok do try this mask out? Let me know if it's good for you too yeah. When I go Bangkok again, I'm so going to buy more of this mask.

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    1. sounds great~ I would like to try it out~
      Only available in Bangkok pharmacy?
      Can I get it @ phuket area?

      1. I think you can try to look for it because the mask is actually made in Thailand, if there's a pharmacy can check it out.

    2. Looks just like your avatar at the bottom HAHAHA!

      1. HAHAHHAHAH now u mention it... YEAH HAHAHHAH omg... fated to be with this mask

    3. That looks really good but I didn't see in boots the other day. Must check it out in my next trip.

      1. maybe already habis sapu by ppl... when I went to Boots, only 6pcs left.. i grab all.. hahhaa... the editor Thara, she sapu like from 2 pharmacies, got about 10pcs? total..

    4. I'm going there in 3 weeks time. Think gonna get some for my wife to try. Thanks.

    5. OMG so gross looking! :P But then again if it has good effects then that's all that matters la right :D

      1. hehehhe dare u to try the gross stuff on ur face!!! it'll be like your zombie pics

    6. No chance c store when he is around lol


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