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Too Cool For School NOW IN MALAYSIA!

from Korea now in Malaysia

I went to Bangsar for breakfast today and while cruising around like "jaws" looking for a car park, my heart stopped beating when I passed by what seems to be a shop with a odd looking banner that says Too Cool For School. Girls, you might not know what's "too cool for school" so let me tell you something. This has got to be one of the awesome Korean skincare and beauty products in Korea that's making waves when it was first launched in 2009. Korean beauty products are already quite a hit, couple that with a rebellious streak and a dash of kwerky artsy fartsy dust and you'll have what we call "tool cool for school". Already I'm sensing their marketing strategy to look for students to be their ambassador as something so godammit cool that I wish I was a student so I can take part prancing around in school uniform acting all cool but still having that godammit flawless and pretty young thing look. 

is this for real? it's here?

At first, I thought this was one of those overnight sale organized by women who went to Korea and hauled back lots of stocks to sell here. HOW WRONG! it was a real shop! the banner is just temporary. I was so happy that I might get heart attack and die when I step inside and saw so many of the products that I thought I wouldn't see! (without going to Korea).  The staff said I could snap photos so I whipped out my Samsung Galaxy Camera and snap away! Hope you enjoy the photos I took!

Jan 10, they were handing out goodie bags
at airport, Bangsar, KL Sental

Lot 11, Jalan Telawi 3 (next to old MPH)

almost looking as cool as the Korean outlet

this is how it looks like when u first step in

products in suitcases!

 various type of lip products

there's some really cool items here

 kwerky science lab?

frankenstein where r you? 

experiments gone wrong

 their signature cartoonish packaging

after school BB foundation Lunch Box rm99.50
(foundation, concealer & highlighter in 1) 

egg mousse pack rm66.30
(my bff gave me this from Korea!)

 the marshmallow "beauty blender" puff rm26.80
(for foundations, bb cream, cream etc)

 play cheek angel blusher rm69.90

lip tints, lip scrub, lip gloss etc

 accessories & tools from RM8.90

 cat lip tint in a pocket size tin

 I bought the pink Mini Pack Set rm17.90

pink girl jelly base 40ml rm82.90
(there's also the mini size for rm21.40)

the friendly staffs gave me samples! thx so much

my first too cool for school haul in Msia

Credit card system is not up yet so if you need the ATM you can go over to Affin Bank which is just across the shop. I couldn't stay long to try everything but I can tell you the price range is from  RM8.90 to RM100 over from make up tools to skincare & cosmetics. Average price RM60 (more or less) for products. It's more expensive in M'sia (tax etc) but I'm still happy they're here now! Can you guess what I bought?
  • pink girl jelly base (mini) rm21.40
  • pink Mini Pack Set rm17.90
  • milky tint (pink) 
I just couldn't resist getting something from here (even though I have tons of products at home). I love the pink girl jelly base, it's pink cream that gives you a nice glow. The texture is light and blends well onto my skin! it works like Benefit's That Gal. The mini pack set in pink is going to useful for my Senka Perfect Whip foam "making" since I'm still failing at making foam balls using my hands. The milky tint is a lip tint in barbie pink, which gives you a nice natural rosy lip color. Smells like yogurt strawberry medicine haha.


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  1. Wah, the shop looks so beautiful.I like it.

  2. The whole shop looks so cool,i am so checking their shop soon ;)

  3. I NEED to go there ASAP aaaaaargh! Or maybe i'll wait till they open somewhere more accessible than Bangsar.... >_<

  4. Love their packaging! so cute :D:D

  5. OMG! I believe that too cool for school was in malaysia!

  6. I thought it would be further down the road than it was...

    But good to know.

  7. Cute shop, girls sure can resist this!

  8. really?wow~I want to go there but it is already expensive in Korea..I wonder how much the rest of them will cost? 0.0

  9. Their launching day on 16 February!!!!!! You should come on that day :D

  10. hv u try the marshmallow "beauty blender" puff? are they good?

  11. I want to have them in Russia. There aren't much in the Internet. Why?

  12. I love this brand.. but Much expensive compared at original korea...

  13. I love this brand.. but Much expensive compared at original korea...

  14. Hi! Is it walking distance from lrt station?

    1. Hi Hidayah, the have closed down and move to curve

  15. Move to the curve? Hv u been to their outlet at the curve?

    1. yeah! yes :D here's some pics

  16. any branch or stocis outlet in jb?

  17. any branch or stocis outlet in jb?


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