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  • Fuuvi Pick Toy Camera Kwerkee Review


    get your daily dose of design from kwerkee.com

    Yo, check out my awesome "spy camera" from Kwerkee.com. Well it's not for spying people it's just a really small camera that you can play around with. I can do plenty of things with it say go to a No Camera Allow area and start flipping my hair (when actually I'm holding the camera in my palm and each time I hold it up to my head, I snap a pic!).

    cute & colorful Fuuvi Pick RM217

    My perverted fiance saw this camera while I'm blogging and he asked me what it is. I said it's a toy camera. "Digital?" he asked. "Yeap" I said and casually asked him what could people do with it besides taking still pictures and movies? My fiance proceeded to use the camera under the table and took a picture. He just demonstrated the most obnoxious way he can use the camera *face palm*. I just had to include this in my review. Please don't ever think of buying this for your boyfriend if you don't want indecent photos of your sexy legs and what more showing up online.

     it takes still photos & movie

    this toy camera is about 3cm long

    It weights a mere 24g, is about 3cm long (pocket size gizmo) that captures photos at 1280 x 1024 resolution (2 megapixels), and can shoot video at 720 x 480 at 30fps. The tiny F2.8 lens shoots only at ISO 100. Do not expect picture perfect quality taken with a point & shoot camera. The Fuuvi Pick is your fun & tiny digital toy camera that takes retro like images. It recharges when you plug it to your pc/laptop and uses a Micro SD card to store. 

    pick & plug to recharge or upload photos/movies

    Being tiny is not just the best part of this. The Fuuvi is also a USB flash drive, just pop open the head to reveal a USB port and plug it into your pc/laptop. I'm using a MAC so yes it still recognizes the camera drive (awesome). Convenient *thumbs up*.

    unfortunately I don't speak or read Japanese
    (Fuuvi is from Japan)

    It took me a while to figure out how to use it. The manual was in Japanese but thankfully Kwerkee has translated it to English. Only with 2 buttons - one for on/off and shooting/recording, I find it a challenge to use the camera without a view finder. I wish Fuuvi would built the light behind the gadget so it would be easier to identify if the red light blinks once (when an image is captured). Takes a bit to practice before you're able to shoot like James Bond.

    camera mode: low light indoor

    camera mode: daytime outdoor

    movie daylight outdoor

    movie mode: night scene

    movie mode: indoor lighting

    visit Kwerkee.com for out of the box gift ideas

    The Fuuvi Pick retails for over RM200. Kwerkee.com (Malaysia & Singapore) is seen selling the Fuuvi toy camera range in many other designs that the one I'm having. There's the nano blocks, the delicious looking candy/chocolate inspired models and colorful models like mine. Currently they're selling the Fuuvi Pick at RM135.

    The most offbeat design pieces cherry-picked for you at up to 70% off retail!

    The Fuuvi Pick Mini Digital Camera simply plugs into your computer
    Runs on a MicroSD card (not included)
    2 megapixel colorful digital camera that shoots both still images and movies and recharges directly through your computer

    Image type: JPEG/AVI; Still resolution: 1280 × 1024; Video Resolution: 720 × 480/30fps

    Number of pixels: 2 megapixel Lens 200: F2.8 f = 3.2mm; ISO: 100
Power: Built-in lithium-ion battery (charging when plugged into the computer)
Recording Media: Micro SD (up to 16GB supported) (not included)
Size: 35 × 70 × 15 mm
    Weight: 24g

    Interface: USB2.0/1.1
No driver needed (external media and is recognized as a camera connected to your PC)

    Operating Instructions
It's really simple to use the Pick camera. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Put a MicroSD card into the SD card slot
    2. Turn the camera on (red LED light is steady)

    3. Image capture mode: Press one time on the shutter button (red LED light will blink one time)

    4. Video capture mode: Press and hold the shutter button until red LED light starts to blink
    Press and hold until the red LED light becomes steady again to turn off video recording

    This is a sponsored post by Kwerkee.com.

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    1. Good write up! Made me feel like buying one! =p
      I found that the video quality is very good, photo cannot compare with nowadays smart phone camera but still very fun to play with. =)

      1. saw your review too on it, awesome pics Jean! I didn't get to snap many outdoorsy photos bcoz I just figure out how to use it from Kwerkee.com haha.. and also bcoz my house renovation is finally at the end, so ^___^ unboxing many things and found back where I put the camera.

        I think the movie quality is awesome n movie mode is easy to use. I'm still practicing how to shoot in camera mode, most of the pictures I thought I took, wasn't taken at all :( sad......

        I'm so going to bring this to places that say "No Camera Allowed" hahahha

    2. I think scary go out with Tammy.. she can take pictures anywhere... or anyone.. or anything.. :p

      1. hahhahah... can take pics of.... your.... BABY too..

    3. seems like a spy cam but at that price, can get a smaller and better one.

      1. if got discount can save 50% will be awesome.. kwerkee sometime sells cheaper than retail shops like click shop

    4. Wah so cute!! :D But pretty expensive... >_< The picture quality looks not bad too.

      1. for a spy camera, not bad can still have some evidence if bf/husband cheat.. hahahhaa

    5. May I know when u shoot got 'cakak' sound or not? It's really good to use with 'no camera allowed' zone (I mean like museum)but make sure no 1 notice if nt kena marah XO

    6. AHHAHA u r so cute lah EMILY.. cakak sound. Don't have any sound at all so I don't know if I've successfully capture the photo or not.

    7. Thanks for sharing!
      By the way, have you ever snapped photo during night time? Does it have the flash feature? Thanks

    8. Cool I want one! Can you post a picture of the back of the camera ? Thanks so much for posting this!

    9. OH MY GOD this is so cool!! /squeals

    10. Lastly these video cameras can observe your developing and around property while you are not there and you can perspective this in real-time over the web.

    11. Is there any indication that tells you your PICK is fully charged?

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