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  • Cold Storage: The Price is not always Right.



    Just the other day, I went to Cold Storage, Sri Hartamas to buy some groceries with my boyfriend. Hey don't get me wrong, I am not that rich to be shopping in Cold Storage. It's just that this is the nearest "supermarket" to my condo. We can't deny the quality and freshness of the veggies and meat Cold Storage provides, but can we dare say that the people is still the same old same old? Giant, Tesco etc! have you encounter PRICE wrongly displayed? have you been charged for more but never notice it? Being the frisky kitten I am now, I made sure nobody rips me off. Not even Cold Storage.

    So yes I was just telling my boyfriend that when I was overseas a.k.a Melbourne, Australia. I was charged more than the display price. What the supermarkets overseas do is, if they are wrong, U KEEP YOUR ITEM FREE OF CHARGE! how wonderful is that? My boyfriend laughed and say that it will never happen in Malaysia and the chances of being charged wrongly by Cold Storage is rare.

    I took out my receipt and started checking the prices. Sure enough, the Capri Grape Juice box I bought was overcharged. I blink my eyes trying to remember if I am wrong. I was already in my car but wanting to prove my boyfriend that even Cold Storage will not get away ripping me off (even if it's a mere rm3++). I stormed into the display area for my grape juice and there it was the price was RM11++. I stormed back to the same counter and told the girl "sudah salah charged" (wrongly charged). The girl seem unfazed about what I found. She insist it was right even. The store supervisor followed to the display area where I pointed out the difference in price. Still determine to be never wrong, she told me "this price is for assorted flavours". I look at the display area and told her "I took the box from here and assorted mean a lot of flavours here to choose from if I am not wrong". Finally they gave me my refund.

    2 Days ago I returned to Cold Storage and bought the same item and Korean Instant Noodles. Can u believe that the same thing happened to me again? this time the Grape Juice displayed price was rm14++ but I was charged for rm17++. The Korean Noodles were displayed at rm13++ but I was charged for rm15++. Fellow Malaysians, do u check your grocery pricing during scanning and after paying for it? do u remember how much it costs to avoid being ripped off like me? I am always on the rampage to prove to this $$-making chains that they are wrong! in one way or another.

    SO after being ripped off, the cashier tried to defend back by saying "it's like that". Hello!!! how many times have we heard from these people "it's like that" take it or leave it? no way ho se! I stand firm and said, "You charged me wrongly, the display is rm14++. I can show u". She followed me to the area and same thing happened again "oh this is only for assorted". HELLO DARLING, assorted what? look at the boxes here. One for strawberry, one for grapejuice, one for apple and so forth. What assorted flavours pricing she talking about? (oh coz i didn't scold her that, i just pointed out that it all comes in that way). I also pointed out at the Korean Noodles, in which she (this time didn't doubt me) followed me to the korean noodle area and said "oh those people did not update the price, it's not rm13++ anymore".

    Well Cold Storage didn't give me free items but they did refund me back the difference sum because of their Cold Storage's Guarantee Clause - to charge the lesser price if any pricing is wrong. HOORAY!


    1. Jamie... any more you have to watch some times it is because someone was too lazy to remove a sales sign, while other times you have to wonder if someone is not collecting up the extra they charge you for and pocketing it!
      where I guess every nickle and dime they can or in your case every RM they can get off you is a RM for their profit!
      You have to watch everywhere you go

    2. miu.. i always2 check at the cash register when they are scanning the items.. so i can spot on the spot if the price is different.. thats y grocery shopping is entrusted to me.. coz i hv good memory n hubby wont b able to remember all.. heheh.. then,i always double check right after paying,before we go down to the car,so if they overcharged,can always go back to the customer service counter.. either they refund the difference or i returned the stuff and they gave me full refund.. we do our weekly grocery shopping at tesco mutiara,so far no problems,and tesco staff has been good (touch wood!).. corteous,helpful n friendly.. i've experienced the same case as yours at a few other places.. and sometimes they did argue like yours.. so i just returned and demand for full refund.. have to be like that lah.. we have to show them that we as consumers knows our rights.. 1 person-they ripped off rm3 lets say,if 10 person??? they make money just by ripping people of their money.. there's no such thing as "oo the staff forgot to remove the old price.." coz then,its your problem and not ours.. right??

    3. oh to dee-
      and plus one more thing,according to the law,even when they "konon" forgot to remove the old price...by law we have the right to pay for the ammount that they state on the price even if it's an old price.because like you said,its not our problem.

    4. im new here, but i would like to comment..hehe..
      yeah i encounter such incident. twice, one at Giant and another one at Jaya Grocer. However both give me back the refund. Jaya Grocer did give me cash voucher for me to use next time i shop.
      Normally i didnt bother to check my receipt, but on the day it happen at giant & jaya, my instinct tell me to check it.. and both have errors!Donno la how many times b4 this, that i have been ripped off..
      Yeah i agree, even if they forgot to remove the price after sales period, is not out problem, coz we follow the display price. lain la if they put the duration of the sale at the bottom (like jusco always do), and we didnt realize it.

    5. this reminds me that I should also check my receipts, especially in KL as well...

      Good thing about being overseas. we get to see how the different types of people respond to consumer rights.

      ^^ G'd on ya, Miu Miu.

    6. lol yes cheakygal u should :)

      happened to me in melbourne at safemart i think, i reported the price was wrongly charged n i got the item for free! it was dumplings - frozen lol.


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