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  • Chikungunya: No Joke, this is like Denggi!


    My boyfriend was down with rubella/denggi sypmtoms for the past 2 weeks and no doctor in the klang valley can ascertain what he has! we have seen 3 doctors, the first just gave him fever medicine & antibiotics, the second suspected german measles @ rubella and the 3rd doctor sent my boyfriend off for a denggi blood check up which came back negative. My colleague just came back from her kampung (hometown) and told me about her home town people being hit by the CHIKUNGUNYA sickness. I didn't believe her until I saw the newspaper cutting she brought. I told my boyfriend and uncle frog yesterday & they don't seem to believe me either. The name CHIKUNGYA is really %^^&^&*($, but I google it up and this is my findings! This is TRUE there is such a thing as CHIKUNGUNYA disease and it's spread by AEDES MOSQUITO!


    What is Chikungunya?

    Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.

    Signs and Symptoms

    The incubation period of chikungunya fever is usually 3-7 days. The symptoms are very similar to that of dengue, but unlike dengue, hemorrhagic or shock syndrome does not take place with chikungunya fever.

    The infected person may experience the following symptoms:

    muscle pain
    joint pain.


    There are currently no medications or vaccines for the treatment of chikungunya fever. However lots of rest, a nutritious diet, plenty of fluids and mild pain medications may relieve symptoms of fever and body aches. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are advised to see a doctor immediately.


    Tips when travelling:

    Use insect repellent on exposed skin surfaces when outdoors, especially during the day.
    Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.
    Where possible, stay in accommodations that have secure screens on windows or air-conditioning to keep the mosquitoes out.
    However if you still develop a fever, see a doctor immediately to test your blood for any signs of the chikungunya virus. If your blood test shows positive signs of the virus, stay indoors to limit mosquito bites in order to avoid further spread of the infection.

    At home, the prevention of chikungunya fever is similar to that of dengue fever. Clear any stagnant water in flower vases, flower pots, roof gutters and watering cans to prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquito

    --------bahasa malaysia------------------------------------->

    Posted by Dr. Azlan bin Darus Published in Kawalan Penyakit

    Penyakit Chikungunya

    Penyakit Chikungunya adalah penyakit jangkitan virus yang disebarkan oleh gigitan nyamuk Aedes. Gejala utama jangkitan adalah demam panas, rasa sakit yang teruk pada sendi terutamanya sendi kecil dan ruam. Chikungunya tidak menyebabkan kematian dan adalah ’self-limiting’ ataupun sembuh dengan sendiri. Pesakit cuma memerlukan rawatan simptomatik dan rehat secukupnya, namun gejala sakit sendi boleh berlarutan bagi pesakit yang telah berumur. Rawatan hospital hanyalah untuk keadaan tertentu sahaja. Pesakit kebiasaannya memperoleh imuniti sepanjang hayat. Sepertimana jangkitan virus lain, tiada ubat khusus atau vaksin untuk penyakit Chikungunya. Cara paling berkesan untuk mengelakkannya adalah dengan mengawal pembiakan nyamuk aedes di persekitaran kita.

    Disediakan oleh: Dr. Azlan Darus - Penolong Pengarah Kanan (CPBV), Bahagian Kawalan Penyakit ( 30 Julai 2008)

    Disemak oleh : Ahmad Safri Bin Mokhtar - b/p Timbalan Pengarah Kawalan Penyakit


    1. Hi ..Me myself too afflicted with this virus.. I still have stiffness in my joints in my hands and feet.. How is your boyfriend anyways?


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