learning to pause instead of pressure


picture credits 2 vivian

Are u hungry yet? because I am! look at these cupcakes! *dream*. You must be wondering who made them? not me of coz (no baker althought I went to the AMBP's MIB Baking workshop sob sob). Vivian from VivianChoo's Blogspot made these special cupcakes just for me last Wednesday. Thank you Vivian! I didn't know I would meet such wonderful people in Malaysia by selling my garage sale items! Vivian is a mommy of 3 and she bakes for her free time. She's really nice & friendly (like me *perasaan*). I think I'll ask her to bake some cupcakes for my birthday xmas party. Yes girls, my birthday is coming soo and you all know what to do! (perasaan sungguh lagi sekali).


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