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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

  • Blog Birthday Contest 2 - Winners


    In conjunction with my blog birthday celebration, I am organizing a movie preview spree to watch "Transformers 2" at GSC, MidValley on 22/6/09. For more info about the movie contest read here. I'm announcing the winners selected today and if I don't receive anymore entries I shall be closing this contest at 11.59pm and name all 10 lucky winners who will receive a pair of Transformer movie preview tix :)

    To the winners, thank you for your birthday wishes for my blog :) It's an honour being read by all of you including those who had participated in the contest. I'm sorry I only have 10 pairs of invite and I've picked 10 loyal readers who successfully impressed me with their pics and entry. Those who did not win, don't worry I have more contests coming up soon!

    1st Winner - Hanna from Kuala Lumpur

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLUSIZEKITTEN! MAY YOU BE MORE CUTE & POPULAR (AND get more sponsors in the future. ;p) Oh yeah one more thing: KAKAK MIU RRRRROOOOOCCCKKKKKKSSS!!!!!

    Thank you Hanna :) I have read your blog post and receive your awesome pic. Congratulations you have won yourself 2 tix to watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen on monday! May u win your bf's heart and wishin him a happy birthday :)

    2nd winner - Ayna from Cheras

    Dear Miu2, After one wonderful year, I believe your blog have certainly became an important part of yourself… You may not realize this but somehow, you have touched and inspired lots of people in so many ways… Keep being yourself girl, we won’t have it any other way, your blog is so special, just the way you are… Happy Birthday plusizekitten.blogspot.com, wishing you the very best and many great years ahead!!! Gambate Kundasai!!! @_@

    Dear Ayna, you're right. I do like the second picture!! no I love it! I read your email entry that you bribe the kids with milkshakes and cookies (yum yum) to get them to do that! AMAZINGLY COOL! you have won Congrats!

    3rd winner - Doroshi from KL
    (she's a piano teacher & she played me a birthday song n sent to me!)

    Wishing Plus Size Kitten a very big happy birthday and looking forward to many many more plus sized happy years to come! This blog is a shopaholic's best friend because it has the most updated info on all the great sales and warehouse clearance in KL! I have decided to play you a Birthday Song! (sorry the recording not that great because my phone is a bit antique) Hope you like it!

    Thank you Doroshi for your amazing piano birthday song and wish! I look forward to hearing you play it personally to me yes?! Congrats and see u this Monday :)

    4th winner - Basirah@THE G.E.D.I.K.S in KOREA

    Happy Birthday dear Miu!~ In Korea we said Saengil Chukha haeyo!!~ I hope you will always have time to update your blog because my day will be empty without reading your new entries. First day I bumped to your blog, I finished all the entries in 1 night and since that day, I am your fan! I love love love what other girls like to do..such as shoppings, sales, make up and stuffs so THANKKKK YOUUU SOOO MUCHIE MUCHIE to you! YES! YOU! Because your blog has all the informations that girls always wanted..ALL in 1 blog! And you are such a sweet and beautiful girl and really adore your life with your boyfriend.. I hope you will be always happy and get all dreams that you really want to achieve! LOVE YOU millions times!

    p/s: I hope you will like the picture.. This picture was taken at Nami Island, South Korea, which is famous island for Winter Sonata's Korean drama.Nami Island is a MUST-GO place when you come to Korea with your loved ones. Nami Island is a symbolic place for story of a man and a woman who loves each other but have to get through all the obstacles before they can live happy ever after.If you have time to watch that drama, please please watch it!

    Gediks, waiting to meet u this Monday! since I can't go to Korea (shopping like this how 2 go?! sob sob) and visit that romantic island, I'm quite touched that you have made me virtually there at least!!! Gamsah Hamida! (thank you in Korean?) CONGRATS!

    5th winner - the Mama of this kid!

    Dear Kakak Miu yg baik hati dan sexy. Firstly..Happy 1st Anniversary to ur lovely blog..mama spent hours reading n checking for updates everyday! It made her really happy..and when she’s happy, I’m happy too! It is very gracious of u to organize such contest..n I hope u like our greeting picture! We had fun doing it together..hoping that u’ll enjoy looking at it too! Keep ur creative juice flowing ok kakak miu? Long live plusizekitten.blogspot.com! Hail kakak miu! May joy, bless n prosperity alwiz be wif u! Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!! Thank u for all the joy u brougt us! Xoxo..Aisyah Zaharah ( on behalf of mama angelzoe) *p/s: pls do let mama win a pair of the tix so she can go out for a date wif papa again..i wont cry at granny’s house..i promise..hehehe

    Ini satu lagi kes guna anak untuk enter contest!!! but it's so adorable I can't say NO! Aisyah CONGRATS your mama gets to date with your papa! and may I say, the picture is AWESOME I feel like celebrating birthday too now!

    6th winner - Cuna from Gombak

    Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! 1 year old ady. Yayy!!Really enjoy reading ur blog! Interesting entries especially when it comes to SHOPPING!! Ur details in each entry make me feel so impressed and excited to wait for the next entry. It's really nice knowing such a friendly and cheerful person like u! Please keep on update more stories coz me (opppssss it's us! me n meor) will always get ready to come n visit ur fantastic blog. Go go go Plus Size Kitten! Caiyok2!

    Meo & Cuna you guys are so adorable, thank you for your support to my blog! I can see that your bf Meo is really into transformers with his toy collection! Congrats to u 2! See u on MONDAY!

    7th winner - Joyce from Klang

    Happy Birthday to Plusizekitten... you were born in Blogspot.. with the other crazy bloggers... Happy Birthday to you!! :) Thank you so much for infecting me with your Stila madness that I'm equally affected financially. ;) Love your tips and insiders to where to get good deals.; especially the fact that you're a lifesaver should I need a gift instantly! :) Why should you pick me? It's because I'm thick skinned enough to be begging you on both knees; asking you, "Miu, will you please pick me? I need Transformers to break free from this reality. " :) Look how touched Miu is... hehe (Miu's picture is courtesy of her own blog... )

    OK that's PHOTOSHOPED!!! but nevertheless quite impressive. You know what, you better pose this way back this coming Monday at GSC, MIDVALLEY infront of me ok! I DARE U!!! btw congrats :)

    8th Winner - Cai Wing

    Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! Ever since I discover your blog I have not stop reading it! I love your shoppin hauls, your personal shopper sales & experience and your fantastic workshops that you keep attending!!! life seems so beautiful for u and fun!! If I can't go to sales I can always ask u or buy from your garages sales! (still cheaper than retail muahahhahaha) SO DUN STOP BLOGGIN MIU!!! LOVE U LOTS!!!

    Wow that's another awesome pic. Is that cake for me??? Pls don't forget to bring it on MONDAY! CONGRATULATIONS 2 u & your geekie bf!! TY for your support on my blog too! ^__^

    9th winner - Kitty

    Happy Birthday to our dearest WWW.PLUSIZEKITTEN.BLOGSPOT.COM From the Happily Ever After family!!!! WE LOVE READING YOUR BLOG, MIU!!! (actually Mommy la hahaha) Keep on blogging!! More spywork!! More personal shopper! (Daddy faints away at the thought of Mommy shopping lagi!)

    thank you very much kitty & family :) looks like a big happy family (kena forced to pegang poster happy birthday?!) haha.. very cute indeed! CONGRATS!

    10th Winner - Harim Hamdan!

    "your blog have everything a girl could ever wish for...a guide for everything...a place where we found new friends with same interest, with a chatting box where we can spam as many as we want cause you paid for it, a blog name which we will never forget and easy to remember, a space where we connect with each other ;) I just CANNOT not wish ur lovely blog -Happy birthday-!!! " Have a blast!!!

    wow this really shows you read my blog! really pure butter here i gain 10kg already!!! congrats!! it was a tough pick for the final winner and I must say your photoshop skills dam good, i feel almost in that party celebrating!!! SEE U TOMORROW!

    ^_^ Congratulations to All 10 Lucky winners who will be receiving a pair of Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen movie preview tickets! See you all tomorrow at Midvalley 8.30pm at GSC Midvalley! (not Gardens ok).

    It was a tough call but I have narrowed down 10 lucky winners judging by their creativity, their greeting, if they were really my blog readers! I have to reject all entries made after the dateline so sorry. However, I have special prizes for the following girls who blogged about it, with the exception of Tutu J who send me a POWER POINT PRESENTATION!!!
    Please e-mail me your full name, address & contact so I could send your prizes to you :)

    Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes MUAKS!


    1. Touching? Awww you're just being too nice dear. Thanks a LOT! Thank you for giving me n my bf the chance to watch one of the coolest "jantan" movies for my bf's bday. =D

    2. haii.. ehh.. winner for what meh? i nak join can ar? hehe

    3. yup, that is me. now contemplating to cut, rebonding or perm. any idea?
      (on whether the photo is me in the birthday wish photo for you)

    4. Miu.. please take a look at my entry.. Thank you! :) (waiting for your good news... hehe)

    5. Hanna: THANK YOU :) dear

      Cetot: join! anybody can join. Just send in a impressive pic of u wishin my blog a happy birthday.

      Lovely: hmmm i am thinking about one for myself too. Saving up for a relaxer now.

      Piggi: :D yes i saw your entry not bad!

    6. Miu2, thank q so much for the tickets, hehhhee =P I just finished blog about it, and here's my link, hehhee =P


      so sorry for doing everything backward coz my brain is going crazier than usual lately, heehee =P

      arigato gozaimazta' miu2 chan... see u on monday... ^_~

    7. visit my blog for contest entry post

    8. Babe, thanks a lot for choosing me as 1 of d lucky winner!Yahhoooo!!!Feelin so excited to know bout it. My bf? Speechless! Hahaha. Tq2 babe. Mmuaahh!Luv ya;)C u tomorrow!

    9. first time to your blog :) nice love the color and pictures

    10. thanks and happy bithday Miu. thanks for the 'signature experience' you have created for us as your loyal readers. Looking forward more interesting stuffs in your blog. keep up the excellent job!
      you made an impact to my ordinary life..;)

    11. hi babe.

      blogged abt it. hop on over and see the post.

      thanks again for choosing us!!! we totally appreciate it!



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