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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Pet Dog


    this is my pet dog, Kopi-O look fierce or not?

    Just talking about robbers with NKP & Jingy early morning (2am already). It's just so unsafe nowadays! even condo units will get robbed! I heard yesterday from my condo unit neighbor Brian, who moved from another condo bcoz the foreigner workers living nearby construction area can climb the condo like spiderman. Now I hear NKP lost her grandma's pendant, valuables and car to robbers again! So ANGRY. Makes me feel like we should have killer mutant dogs that eat robbers outside our bedroom.


    1. one not enuf, must have least 2. and btw, kopi-o don't look fierce lar. the breakins at your condo ka?

    2. hah! not fierce ah?

      no la not at my condo, kopi is at my dad's house now guarding :D

    3. Jamie...your dog looks more like a love dove then a watch dog I suppose he would lick and love the burglar to death??
      That thing of crooks no matter where you go they exist unfortunately, the only thing to do is to be aware of your surroundings and do not be predictable!
      Cute dog!

    4. Aww Kopi-O is adorable, maybe u shuld train him to look more fiercee~

      Yikes even within condos? Those foreigner burglars must be among the condo dwellers too. If they aren't then how come they could break in others' condos so easily?

    5. his face tak garang but his BREED is supposed to be fierce kan??

      tak tahu cos tak penah rapat2 with doggies.

      if we COULD bela anjing i'd probably bela a mutt.

      like my cat pun. no breed. kucing kutip tepi jalan je hahahahahha.

    6. haha kopi -o doesnt look that fierce. maybe its the pose. but hes big tho.. trust me whatever we try to do, all they have to do is their black magic pukau and the dog will sleep.. oh yah.. i think about 15 years ago when my house got robbed they did their black magic to put us to sleep. the dog was barking, my father woke up but couldnt keep his eyes open n went back to sleep. my maid was in lala-land and they came in shine torchlight over our faces also ... the recent break in they came no one was home.. and the *marked their territory* by one of the windows in the house. so disgusting. if they can make humans sleep, dogs are the least of their concern i think.

    7. anjing without a breed aka *Pariah dog* lol.. believe it or not are the bestt to keep in malaysia. the pedigree's are a hassle cause they are not suited to our weather. the mix breeds are smart dogs too actually. i have one. and hes very talented in many ways. including marking his territory everywhere including car tyres and digging holes in the garden! haha :)

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    9. Robbers are everywhere nowadays... even with security guards and CCTV, there's always a chance of it happening at your home. I have a friend who's mom's house got robbed and the robbers tied everyone up while they ransacked the place. After that, they feasted on whatever food they can find in the kitchen. I mean, seriously!!! Tak cukup amik barang nk makan pulak. I heard that its sorta like a "pantang" laa for the robber... after robbing they have to eat something from the house the rob. Dunno how true that is la kan.

      Anyway, nkp, hope you recover from the ordeal... as long as the robbers dont hurt you, should consider urself lucky... If u read the newspapers nowadays robbers kill ppl just for a stupid laptop (or much less!).. The world turned into a very dangerous place... :(


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