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  • Benefit Sales Review


    I did not think of going to Benefit Warehouse Sales this morning until my boss wanted to go and brought me along to be navigator (seems like I am very good in finding warehouse sales area now). We reach about 10.15pm ++ and already there is a huge long line in front of us.

    The Q-line for this sale is long n slow, mainly because they're doing a crowd control to maintain a handful of people only inside their small sales room which is on the right after u go in. Basically they let in 2 by 2 customers, and maintaing a firm control inside the room. This is great because it would control crowd pushing/mobbing/thiefs, bad side is the long Q and slow as it's a buy and leave kind of thing.

    My boss already pissed off and ask me to take taxi back after this sales. She could not wait anymore and it was really slow. Imagine we're still only this way to the entrance after nearly 1 hour standing.

    cashier counter
    (a breeze since crowd control at max!)
    credit card payment only above rm100

    Products wise
    , there's not much selection and very little variety compared to last year. Probably 1/2 of what last year offered and pricewise it has gone up. Expect items to be marked up rm10-30 compared to last year (but e/s is still ok rm25, the creme e/s for rm29). It's still cheaper than retail. Please check your items as I notice Benefit items are either slightly discoloured, oil seeds, dry or nearly dry especially any cream/mascara/concealer. Please note that Benefit Warehouse Sales don't intend to sell their best sellers in here e.g Dr. Feel Good, Benetint, Dandelion etc. SO don't go with such expectations, it will be a let down.

    B Spot 50ml for rm65
    (manu 2008)

    Brush sets the one I bought with 4 brushes inside, no longer for sale but there is one brush set which they COMPILED themselves by adding in 3 brushes of their choice into the brush pouch (just brush pouch alone is rm16 but sold out already) and marking this brush set at rm85. Basically they prepared 2 types of brush set for you.

    Type 1:-
    Slant Powder Brush
    e/s brush
    concealer brush

    Type 2:-
    concealer brush
    fan tail brush
    e/s brush

    I guess it's still worth it because they were selling these brushes from rm25-35 (sale price) each individually. Now 3 in a brush pouch is rm85. However compared to the originally brush set it's quite pricey. Retail brushes also of course we all know is over rm100 more or less.

    Last year's brush set had 4 types of brushes in it.
    This year only 3.
    Last year rm50 then mark up to rm80.
    This year rm85.

    Eyeshadows are rm25 each (Buy 2 for RM40)
    Creaseless e/s buy rm29 each (Buy 2 for rm50)
    Brow Zing is rm59 (last year rm40)
    Silky Finish Lipstick rm29
    Lemonaide rm49
    Boing rm45
    Lust Dusters rm20
    the small sales room
    (that's why crowd control)

    There's lemonaide, some kind of gorgeous (deep), lip plumping gloss, lip liner D'finer, lust dusters, creme e/s, Dallas/10/etc (those not very popular face powders) for rm59. B-Spot perfume manu 2008 (their latest perfume EDT 30ml) for rm65, Maybe baby manufactured in 2006 100ml is rm100. Creme blushers, concealers, lemondaide, boing, Brow pencil, Ms. Popularity (i bought one last year and there's only 1/3 of powder inside! and it was said to be "like that" by the management). Mascara in plum and blue (last year bought blue & it was almost dried).

    Overall: very disappointing especially when they marked up the price and there's very little selection to buy. Prices are mostly 40-50% off only. Compare to Anna Sui, Chanel, Estee Lauder warehouse sales, Benefit is way behind on the track line. However I would say Benefit fans will sure BENEFIT from this sale. WHY? simple. Still cheaper than retail hello!


    1. thank u for your update, plan take half day leave 2mr for this sales, but now i think not worth it..waiting for the pic update:)

    2. I like some Benefit items but have boycott Benefit M'sia after price increase. Sure it's a little but USD didn't go up. If USD go down we don't get the savings of course.

      Then now this warehouse sales with old products, small discount and their bestsellers not included? No thanks.

      Thanks Miu for reporting :)

    3. thanks miu for the update. lucky din take half day leave today to go. you are cool! thanks for the effort to update us on this warehouse sale. after hearing from you , like not worth it to go and spend.

    4. hi miu,

      so what did you end up buying? or you just cuci mata? ;)

      great sales report as always.

      btw, happy blog birthday~ :)


    5. lucky i no go ask my husband buy for me =.=""
      this morning he so nice call me tell me got benefit sales....ask me want anything or not ^__^ because he work in same building ma.....
      hahaha...i read miu blog about benefit so i tell him bcus
      - raise price
      -quality no good
      - 1 yr many times sales they do

      lol miu see how useful u are to me ( help me be smart ) to choose which one to go and not hahaha....

      this is the reason why i LOVE your blog ( knowledge gain)

      tutu J

    6. thanks for the report, miu. i wanted to drop by, but since the items i'm looking for are not on sale, i won't bother :p
      -shirley ann

    7. thank god i'm not tempted to go eventhough all day i feel uneasy about it, hahahha =D thankq so much gurl for the updates n_n u making me feel better already, heehee =D

    8. hey Miu,

      did you get any skinny jeans? i want that one only. if you have it please tell me the manufacturing date and price.

    9. hi miu,

      did you get to buy brow zings? if u got it and u plan to sell it could you pls let me know?

      Thank you so much..hope u had fun n got some stuffs for urself. :-)

    10. quick one:

      Gaya: no i din buy, price increased since last year so I didn't want to send that much on a twizzer.. 2 mini brush.. and 2 shades of eyebrow color. I can buy tweezer from pasar malam less than rm5 haha... sorry babe, u go have a look at this sales if u wanna buy the brow zing :)

      annonymous: sorry babe.. not very keen on their e/s creaseless ever since i discover stila eyeshadow cream pot :D

    11. yes i agree wif miu..
      i was there wif mom this morning,arrived at 9.30 but only get in at 10.20 like that..i guess i must have missed u while i was on the way out and u were queing..

      mom only got herself a foundation stick (only 1 left), and i help my friend to buy the brush bag and one for me too.

      other items don't really appeared to be interesting to me as i still have a lot of stila to use for this one whole year and maybe until next year :D

      only go cause mom insisted to go to find her foundation.

      don't go lah guys, not worth it. i prefer the sale they had at pj..got skincare some more, space bigger, crowd was okay lah, 3 cashier counter, and at least, i dun have to que for almost an hour to get in.

    12. Thanks for the review! Although I can't go, I guess I didn't miss out much. There wasn't that much available I guess. But RM59 for Dallas isn't that bad...I probably would've gotten that if I went. :)

    13. lemonaide, some kind of gorgeous only RM20?wow....sound great...

    14. not worth it to go..i que almost 45min, i go there aroung 9.15am.didnt buy anything.No hot items prefer CD sales


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