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Female's 50 Gorgeous People!

While I'm watching tv & reading Female Mag at the same time, I remembered the 50 Gorgeous People contest again. I have blogged about it earlier but did not attempt to join it, convinced that I Miu is just not gorgeous enough to be even entering. *SMACK* angel Miu slaps me "Don't be so pessimistic! you are gorgeous in your own special way!" laughs the devil Miu "what's a ugly nobody fatty doin entering this kinda contest?! rolls on floor laughing". Angel Miu takes out a bazooka and shoots Devil Miu to oblivion.

SO this is my big idea. We can make something out of this! It's not just entering some contest, it's about feeling good and looking good inside & out. Quote Christina Aguilera, "You're Beautiful In Every Single Way". I have a friend who could hook us up on a makeover! She would not mind giving us a makeover and we could helped her bring more awareness to her brand/product by blogging about our makeovers!

dateline to submit 30 June, 09
(we need to be fast!)

SO this is what I think. This coming Saturday morning we should head over to RMK, KLCC and get our makeovers done. I will bring my camera! and take pictures of our before & after picture. The BEST PART? we can submit our makeover pictures to Female's 50 Gorgeous People !!!(they need a close up and a full length 3R picture) just for fun! why not? It's something to blog about and a learning experience as well. I'll take 4 female bloggers :D and we can have drinks later for chats after our makeovers.

if u get selected you win stuffs!!!

SO what if we don't get selected right? because we had FUN and we're all Gorgeously beautiful inside out. SO WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR? FLASH THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND SHOW THEM YOUR GORGEOUS SIDE! who knows you might be pick as one of the 50 gorgeous people and win Anna Sui products worth RM200 each (and a T-shirt!).


  1. 1st to say I do..

  2. I left a msg in your chatbox to count me in..saw the msg?

    Hehe! Really excited now!!

  3. nak join nk join!!
    email me the detail watsoever..

  4. hoping that I can join u but already have a date with my mom..
    8sob8sob T-T

  5. use ur bobbi brown pic that one gorgeous liao......

    tutu j


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