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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
  • Top 10 Female Bloggers in Malaysia Award
  • Cleo's Next Top Blogger Malaysia Award
  • Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

  • My Kiehl's Super Birthday Party!


    (MEOWW catwoman!!!)
    Kiehl's throwing me a Berry Birthday Party this coming Friday! I'm so so so so HAPPY & SUPER Excited over it! There's going to be games, prizes, goodie bags, superhero costume contest! come as a masked/superhero costume and the best dressed wins a Mystery Prize from Kiehl's! Also Kiehl's is going to launch their Organic, Damage-Repairing Acai Berry skincare range in this party!
    click here to read more about Kiehl's Acai Berry
    But because I am super duper loved & have many many fans, I need to find the best 20 Super Fans that is worth berry-ing with at my birthday party! (neh super evil perasaan of me hehe it's my birthday month! I can say what I like muahahhahaahaha *evil laughter*). How do I find my super fans? I hope a funny comic strip would tickle my funny tummy and make me drop an invite! *puts on super glasses to find comic strips*

    How to be a Super Fan!

    it's easy with a few clicks clicks!
    Plusizekitten Followers must use www.expressyourpow.com to come up with a comic STRIP (not a frame). Those who blog must post it on their site and those who don’t, must email tammylci@gmail.com the permalink to the strip. The best 20 comic strips picked by Miu and Kiehl's will be selected for the party. Dateline 13/1/10 2pm. Results out 13/1/10 night.

    How to create your own Kiehl's Comic Strip?

    1. go to www.expressyourpow.com
    2. click get started now!
    3. click create strip
    4. a how to window pops out! (teachin u how to do it)
    5. there's 3 background comic strip to choose from
    6. just add TEXT into the bubble box
    7. you can change colors of your character's hair/skin/eyes etc
    8. save the comic strip to your desktop & email/blog about it
    9. you can also have fun sharing it on facebook/twitter!
    yes it's that EASY look at what Pigita (my reader) did? (made me roll on the floor laughing!)

    Terms & Condition of Super Fan Contest:

    - your follower ID: - your e-mail: - your blog link to comic strip

    1. Create a comic strip from www.expressyourpow.com and blog about it. 2. If you don't have a blog, you can e-mail your comic strip to tammylci@gmail.com. 3. Contest starts 9/1/10 & ends 13/1/10 2.00pm. Results will be out on 13/1/10 night. 4. The best 20 comic strips will be invited to attend this party by e-mail. 5. Come with a mask/ superhero costume/or just in dress in red!. The best dressed superhero costume will win a PRIZE!

    Save the Earth with Kiehl's!
    and for the lucky 20 super fans invited! you can SAVE THE EARTH WITH KIEHLS! by recycling! for every 3 Kiehl’s bottles returned u will receive a deluxe free! (hey saving earth and getting Kiehl's at the same time? tell me that's not super good news!). I'm so happy that I don't throw my Kiehl's bottles away!
    *Kiehl’s bottle to be returned : Only full sized, deluxe sized will not be accepted for the exchange but we can take it for recycling
    WORK VS KIEHL'S PARTY? follower id: caixiuxiu
    follower id: abby Reviews by Abby

    Evil Hubby tries to Stop me from going Kiehl's Party! follower: candygal

    SUPER ACAI BERRY TO THE RESCUE! follower id: sexymummy

    HELP ME MIU! SKIN DAMAGE! follower id: jclues

    Don't be BLUE, be GREEN! follower:pigita

    I need a ride to Miu's Party!! follower id: purplewardrobe

    VANITY CONQUERS ALL follower: dorothy

    GOING KIEHLS NO MATTER WHAT follower: hazlina@taysir Excited to go MIU's KIEHL'S ACAI BERRY birthday party follower id: babycholics

    Kiehl's Couple Lover follower id: pinkypoh

    Acai Berry Damage Repair

    FLUSH FOR PEACE follower id: stylish one

    Kiehl's Acai Berry Sepuluh Set Pls! follower id: kitty

    Never Too Late with Acai Berry! follower: stellarvixen

    Comic Trip by Cammy follower: Cammy

    HOT ACAI follower id: choclatescats&allthingsstrange

    RACE TO MIU'S KIEHL'S PARTY follower id: Lilian

    ACAI BERRY finally in Malaysia follower id: justblooms

    I NEED ACAI BERRY! follower: waternymph

    Meeting Cancel for Kiehls follower: muziezyrin

    Switch to Acai Berry! follower:angelzoe

    Thanks Super Acai Berry Man! follower id: Najmi
    Looking for Love follower: nana
    Beautiful with Kiehl's Follower id: DayDreamer
    My Flush of Power
    follower id: Jessying
    Secret of Acai Berry
    Excited until KABLAAAM
    follower id: AlexisCH
    result will be up asap

    *Comic Strip entries will be judge by Kiehl's & Miu on 13/1/10. Winners will be contacted by e-mail on 13/1/10. Please look out for the results day on 13/1/10 night!~ GOOD LUCK!!!


    1. Super Acai Berry To The Rescue!

      follower id: abby

      e-mail: reviewsbyabby@gmail.com

      blog: http://by-abby.blogspot.com/ (will blog soon)

      comic strip sent by email, will blog soon!


      follower id: fui yim
      e-mail: fuiyim@yahoo.com

      comic strip email to u already!!!

    3. Evil Hubby tries to Stop me from going Kiehl's Party!

      e-mail: candymylee@gmail.com
      blog: http://candygalspreciousbox.blogspot.com/

      *gona blog later


      follower id: caixiuxiu

      i dun have blog :(

    5. i emailed u.. pls check

    6. dear miu,
      here's my blog post:

      follower: Jean
      email: purplewardrobe@gmail.com

    7. miu pls check ur email!

    8. Hi girl,

      Here's my post.


      I feel so tamak. Like I want to buy everything from this range. Arghhhh

      control control.... tempation tempation...

      I wanna go... i wanna go to your party!!!!

    9. macam so tamak haloba tetapi GILA!!

      because nak order sepuluh set terus hahahahha. tapi the money to pay only cukup QUARTER set hahahah!!!

    10. Here is my blog post link on this party of the deacde:


      user id: lilian
      email: wahlilian@yahoo.co.uk

      Joy to Miu Super Kiehl's Party
      Miao Miao Miao!!!

    11. Miu,

      here my comis strip ... lol
      at http://methecontradiction.blogspot.com/2010/01/plus-size-kitten-my-kiehls-super.html

      thanks for dropping by and remind me...


    12. Super ACai berry to the rescue!

      Follower ID: Cammypan
      E-mail: cammypan@gmail.com

      I don't have a blog, already emailed the comic trip to you!

    13. Hot Acai! Muy Caliente!

      Follower id : FatiN
      Email : patin_pish@hotmail.com


      Pick me! Pick me! *droolz* ;p

    14. thanks miu for posting my comic strip!!! so now i need to blog about it? issit a must must mandatory? eep!

      ohh wow bring 3 bottles of anything can redeem something deluxe!
      i'm in..
      how about in tube form - dermatologist solution range? hehe..
      i'm gonna transfer my toner bottle into something smaller :P

      oh my my such busy weeks & days after my return sniff sniff
      reality is biting & sinking in!

    15. miu!! kaotim!

      my post about your one of a kind MUST ATTEND party is ready!


      i also included some HK haul teaser photos! :D not too mention my winning crown at your Shu Party!!

    16. miu!! kaotim!

      my post about your one of a kind MUST ATTEND party is ready!


      i also included some HK haul teaser photos! :D not too mention my winning crown at your Shu Party!!

    17. Count me in!! Acai I mari liao lor !

      ID : jessying
      email : jessying@gmail.com
      url: http://jessying.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-power-of-flush-with-kiehls.html

    18. Dear Miu,

      When is the result out?
      So exciting...

      Li Lian

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