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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • SWAP WATCH: Finally got my Lush Karma & Honey I wash the Kids Soap!


    Karma Soap & Honey I wash the Kids

    Recently I swapped with my silent reader Faffy for his Lush Soaps with my Stila Brush No.1 (I'm an awesome swapper haha). MUAHHAHA I finally got my hands on them yummy soaps. The soap smells so STRONG. It's coming from Karma SOAP! very strong herbalish spa like smell (my bf will kill me, he hates all this beauty stuffs scents) Honey I wash the kids has a nice honey-butter-ish scent. They look different from what's displayed at the Lush website (my mom says they look ugly at the shop, I told my mom that's why people want to buy them) I'm so in love with Lush! I can't wait to try the soaps!

    Here's some description from the Lush website on the soaps I got:

    The number one, undisputed best-selling Lush soap for washing you, the kids, the dog and the granny! Even when you know you’ve got a big chunk of this waiting for you in your own bathroom, the minute you step into a Lush shop the mouthwatering smell draws you towards it and makes you pick up a piece, breathe in its sticky toffee and honey scent and take it to the counter to be wrapped. The honey water, aloe vera and sweet orange oil soothe and sweetly scent your hands and body so it feels even better than it smells.

    Our Karma is not just a fragrance; it's more of a life choice. It looks like a bar of solid amber; each precious jewel is generously scented with our signature fragrance. Many people fall for its sultry charms when they wash their hands with it in someone else’s bathroom and are drawn further along the path to karma enlightenment. Keep it by the basin in soap form to scent the bathroom and give you a top up of Karma scent whenever you need a boost of creative thought - or whenever you need to get your hands clean.

    Source: Lush.Com


    1. hey miu, these are the 2 soaps that I wanted to try so so much... but urghhh not many ppl opening sprees for Lush here... I missed out the last one though... :(

      they do smell very nice rite? I think? :D

    2. First up, what a chic new layout! Bwahahaa obviously I havent visited your lovely blog for weeks. Aiyoh too busy with (boring) workloads!

      Now lets get to the point; omg LUSH soaps!!! I'm on a LUSH swap too, with a sweet girl from US. Since both of us are either too broke or too busy with our darn lives, we finally decided to sent each other's ends end of this month. So LUSH babies, come to momma~

      I bet that "Honey..." soap is heavently, coz I just lurve honey-scented stuffs!

    3. so nice :) hehe.. swapped for it.

    4. babe, where ada sprees for Lush?

      lemme know pls.


    5. You should have a "chat" with Faffy about Lush.. *wink wink*

    6. hey, its faffy.
      hope d soaps r working well 4 ya.

      so, have anything new 4 sale lately miu???

    7. Hi I bought "Honey I washed the kids" soap after reading many good reviews on the product. I have used it for 5 nights now. It smells amazing except it doesn't lather up as much as I would have liked. What's your take on it? Would be nice to hear your thoughts on it. = )

    8. Hey Incognito!

      I wanted to try it so much after reading all the reviews too! now that I finally got it :D I'm waiting for the perfect moment to use it & to review it! yay

    9. shaynaJo:

      The Karma Soap smells so strong! I had to hide it away coz my bf don't like the smell. My drawer is filled with the scent of spa-like herb smell haha.

      The Honey I wash the kids smells deliciously yummy.

      I hope someone opens a spree too, otherwise just have to order from Australia n have it ship here :(

    10. Hanna: hahah thanks thanks! we're all busy :( even i dun have time to update my blog.. (lagi lagi no time read ppl's blog).

      I can't wait to see ur swap from Dee (is it Dee swappin with u?!) I wish i could get swaps with someone from US too! it's so totally awesome.. but would the postage kill??

    11. Kitty: lowyat forum ada.. but :( sprees are not my thing.. so i duwan spree haha..

    12. going to HK on monday. let me know if you want more LUSH! you have my email!

      or is it cheaper from Australia?

    13. Fatin: LOL?! what's the secret code here!

    14. Abby: woah nice! nah.. i'm broke atm..can't buy anything. It's cheaper in Australia but HK shop might have promotions :D

    15. MIU: But at least ur blog is still alive, unlike mine. =p Yep im swapping with Dee, along with few other blog buddies abroad. Actually we're doing a birthday-presents swap. She already got her birthday package on her bday month (Nov '09) so im expecting mine soon~

      I usually use the cheapest (yet safe) way possible when shipping international. Bubble envelopes, instead of parcels. And registered mail, instead of Parcel Consignment yadda2...

      Personally I prefer doing international CPs and multi-swaps, coz everybody knows just how absurdly overpriced everything is in Malaysia.


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