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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Monday Blues: Just For Laughs


    (still my birthday month!)

    HELLO EVERYONE! Monday is here again but Friday will say hello in 4 days time! I know we're all hit by the Monday Blues and dragging ourselves to work wishing we could've taken MC or Leave to savor what little our weekends left for us? My Monday is slow but I remember my FRIDAY which was the most humiliating/embarrassing/hilarious stunt I have ever done in my life! and I thought showing up as a Kitty at Shu Uemura party was dead crazy. Who knew I showed up and prance around in a SuperWoman costume at One Utama last Friday?

    who is the villain & who is the superhero?

    One kid was dragging his parents to look at "supergirl" while passersby laugh and took candid pictures of me while I'm not looking with their handphones. I wonder what hilarious thing happened while I'm not looking? I bet those who came to this party also had their share of "adrenaline pumping" moments.

    stronger, better & funnier 2010 Miu

    Truth be told, I hid in the toilet after changing for 10mins before breathing my last breath and came out pretending it's quite normal to have a superwoman coming out of the ladies and prepping her hair in front of the mirror. The toilet cleaner couldn't stop laughing.

    Did u do something hilariously breathtaking like me? Would you dress up as a superhero like me? I hope your Monday is as funny as mine.


    1. "The toilet cleaner couldn't stop laughing."

      AHAHHAHAHAHA imagine if you actually knew that person. Oh wait! I do! *gasp*

    2. LOL...

      very brave SuperWoman.

      Anyone with catwoman costume? or Shera costume..I love Shera!

    3. carol: hahah i know u can't stop laughing.... cis!!!

    4. Harim: wait..till ur turn.. harim!

      yes Doroshi came as catwoman! will show her in my kiehl's party post tonight :D i waitin for more pics to be sent to me :D ehhehe..

      i saw shera costume in Century Fiesta!

    5. whoa nice outfit hehe...where did u get it from?? can keep for this year haloween also

    6. Kakaka...

      Miu, u r unbelievable!!!
      ^0^ U bravo girl!! Hope u really can rescue me if I jz shout "Super MIU, help!!"

    7. I know how it feels.. eventho I didn't wear any like that. but my hubby did..become santa on recent Christmas.. when he come out everyone give a big laugh... I feel bad (Coz I am the 1 who force him ;-p).. but i know they don't mean bad... it was just a happy laugh after all... ^_^

    8. Miu, u really a dare devil now!!!!

      why nor Wonder Women le?

    9. Joey: dare to be MIU!!!


      wonder woman, someone wanted to be.. but the costume tak cantik >_<

    10. Lisa: i like your new hairstyle! looked like mine in the pic! hahhaa..

      i rented it from Century Fiesta, Desa Sri Hartamas.

    11. ciawei: wei wei!! depends on.. me free or not.. coz need to snap pics of spiderman u know..

    12. Cath J: woah! awesomeness! did ur hubby bising bising? but in the end, the experience is exhilarating!

    13. I think the costume quite nice larr...
      That was a great party! really glad tat I got to join!

    14. you are crazy but i tabik you to be so daring. i think i would just die....and i guess, in a way, it makes you more comfortable, you didn't die of the occasion, which will make you braver. what's next?? playboy spread?? hehehe, joking joking, don't kill me...

    15. i like ur new hair style, looks great, younger and cute ~
      and abt the superwoman, haha ,creative ~

      eh ....... wait, seems i found in the comments below it's a wig ? but nice wig, haha~ really looks good !

    16. lol........seems i totally misunderstood it, it really hair, embarrassing ..........
      but really really nice hair style, haha

    17. wah.. miu so daring to wear like that. I would wear that if I am alone.

    18. yeah the wig do blend wear with your attire ;)

    19. And why were u dressing up as Supergirl again????? LOL Miu u are really crazy! Hehee confirm boleh menang cosplay kalau u masuk tau! =P

    20. Really can't thank-you enough. You always hold fun parties. Had a blast. totally let my nerdy self go.
      thanks again.

    21. hehe.. first I thought how other response if you are driving in car with this suit.

      no hard feeling yeah. :)


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