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Loccitane: Wild Cherry Tress of Provence

coming soon

Wow the packaging is very CNY-ish, I wonder what it is? body shower gel? Can't wait to see soon. Also happening in stores now is the latest Shea Butter range for face care with the quote "The ultimate ingredient to fight the winter chill". I don't know how that's going to appeal in hot & humid countries like Malaysia but one thing I do know is Shea Butter is their popular product for moisturising. If you're a Loccitane member, do note that this month's special is a bonus 500 points if you buy the product below:

this month's member's special
buy this Shea Butter item and get extra 500 points!

Shea Butter Fabulous Serum New

This skincare product is….fabulous! The Shea Butter Fabulous Serum is specially formulated to rescue skin damaged by harsh conditions.

Ideal for all skin type, the Fabulous Serum will repair prior damage and will protect the skin in the future. Extracts of nut, chestnut and wheat help to regenerate the skin by stimulating cellular renewal and help to reactivate the lipid synthesis. The shea butter (5%) helps to restore the skin carrier function, protecting it against harsh conditions and maintaining an optimal hydration level for 24 hours. Finally, the shea shield extract, with anti-pollution and antioxidant properties, protects against daily environmental aggressions.

The formula is creamy and easily absorbed, leaving the skin smooth, supple and soft.


  1. eh? is that the cherry blossom perfume one? if it is, then i can tell you it smells soooo goooooddddd. i never fail to fall in love with myself everytime i spritz it on.

    wait. that sounds odd.


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