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IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign

anyone heard of IDI-Italy 1858?
(Italian Dermatology Institute)

I have been keeping a secret. The secret is, I have been chosen to participate in the IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign! which started in January 2010 and will go on until March, 2010 (for 3 months). I first heard about IDI-Italy 1895 at their launching in One Utama last year. All I knew was that this is a SLS free product (that bad cancer causing chemical) and that it came from a dermatological hospital specialized in treating skin problems (burns, problem skin, etc). This sounded like the "creme de la mer" that I could afford.

the picture that got me in (though i still look good haha)

So when IDI-Italy 1858 came up with their Super Fan Campaign, I quickly applied to join. They're looking for 3 participants for 3 skin types only (acne, dry & sensitive). I belong to the sensitive type category for now & I wish to treat this before I can use any skincare product sob sob. My first picture, IDI said my face has no problem *lol* and asked me to send another picture! so it was a good time to show my face coz the weathers been BAD! bad bad. This second picture got me an interview. Note the circle areas are my problems which causes - redness, itchiness and burning/tingling sensations.

I am going to use all this for 3 months believe it!

I met Juliana the IDI skin nutritionist at their office in Plaza Vads, TTDI. She was friendly and informative. The interview started with Juliana assessing my skin and my concerns. After, that she introduce the skincare products to me & told me about how IDI came about. Ching a guy, helped Juliana to gather the products that my skin need. I was quite shocked when they showed me 9 items. Surely my face don't need 9 items?! read on!

cleanse correct care & treat

The products that was given to me is for cleansing, correcting, caring & treating my face. I particularly love the treating part coz IDI has a professional series called lab[md/pro] series that target specific skin needs of each individual (and they're also much pricier). Juciy Info, IDI skincare range is divided into 4 series with unique codings:
  • 1.0 for oily/acne prone,
  • 2.0 for normal/combi,
  • 3.0 dry skin , and
  • 6.0 for sensitive skin.

the order in which my skincare range should be use

Believe it or not, I had 3 different moisturizers to use to treat/correct my face. Also I'm told that I should not wash my face with pipe water (Msia pipe water is not actually clean!) it might be the reason for my skin sensitivity. I been complaining that my condo water is rusty and has some kind of smell. SO the cleansing milk given to me actually can be use for my face without needing to use water to wash! muahahahaha. ALSO I love love love the toner which is something like SK2's miracle water! muahahaha (will tell more juicy next review).

slurp... luxury treatments

Pro Lab series which cost like nearly RM200 and more. I was given 4 out of 5 of the pro series to use as my daily treating regime. They include the Tri Action Age Defender Cream (my BB cream! ngek ngek), MultiAction Mask (super mask), ClariAction Lightening Cream (for my pigmentation) and lastly UltrAction Protection Cream which I will use when I go about KL doing my work under the BBQ-Sun. I was actually hoping to get the moisture treatment but I was presented with all this (and bcoz the moisture treatment is not in the market yet).

This is the starting of my IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign review. I hope you stay tune and enjoy my skincare challenge for the next 3 months! Signing off, Miu.

P.S: My blog links will be up at IDI's FaceBook too as part of the campaign. If you like my post/review please click "Like" on my link (when it's up). The more likes I get, I could win a year's supply of IDI skincare! meow!

Products given for 3 months:
  1. 6.10[six] DermGentle Cleansing Milk 150ml RM95.90
  2. 6.11[six] DermGentle Conditioning Lotion 150ml RM95.90
  3. 6.21[six] DermGentle Soothing Paste 50ml RM145
  4. 6.30[six] DermGentle Relief Cream 50ml RM154
  5. 6.31 [six] DermGentle Barrier Cream 50ml RM154
  6. Lab 0.20[md] TriAction Age Defender Cream 50ml RM228
  7. Lab 0.22[pro] ClariAction Lightening Cream 50ml RM228
  8. Lab 0.30[md] UltrAction Protection Cream 50ml RM186
  9. Lab 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml RM186
Prices range from RM84.90 to RM228. Available at Guardian Pharmacies (not all Guardian).


  1. OMG!! U got 9 products!!
    I got so little..sob..
    But I really like the products.

  2. You're much younger than me Jean!

    u must feel better coz not much problems :( and not old.. like me.. sob sob

  3. Wow, so many.. I thot u r dry skin but u have sensitive ar? Ur skin look good in the photos.

  4. yeah i am combi/dry and sensitive skin. My skin u need to see my face then can see the sensitivity just like that Juliana saw my eyelids also red muahah.......

    due to environmental triggers

  5. waiting to see all the before and after photos of all the participants.

    hope got close-up shots.

  6. alah!!! jeles -_____- got RM1.5k worth of freebies! it's even better than strike Toto! hahhaa~ :)

  7. cupcake pergi join lah babe

    they r still lookin for 2-3 bloggers

  8. I WANTTTT!!
    hehe gimmme some IDI lurvings too!
    i need a good hydration mask & repair moisturizer~~
    i hav many red

    wow very detailed step-by-step~~

  9. oh go n apply lah! i think they need dry skin participants!

    this just my 1st post T_T they wan us review many things more.. the products.. for 3 months :D


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