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  • Marie France Bodyline Day 9 - TRST is Awesome!


    few more steps and I'll reach Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley!
    (huff huff puff puff *sweats*)

    It's been 9 days since my 1st treatment at Marie France Bodyline, Mid Valley. I am so really happy with the services at Mid Valley! the staffs are so friendly! so far I think about 3-4 random stranger has seen my beautiful body (tee hee!!!).  When I say that I really mean your bits will be seen! that's quite normal for slimming treatments since the areas focused by the therapist are our problems areas, mostly tummy, thighs, arms, back. I try to cover my boobs as much as possible though and Marie France Bodyline always gives me a new disposable underwear to wear. 

    I do my slimming treatments here

    the kimono & towel greets me

    have to wear disposable panty to do treatments 

    kimono wrap keeps you warm

    Today I am going to try the TRST treatment. I don't know what it is in full words but the therapist told me it's a tummy reduction treatment. The treatment started with a rose scrub for breaking the fats on my tummy and thigh area. The therapist will then use a warm wet towel to clean the rose scrub. The scrub smells really nice! She then asked me to lie face up on the treatment bed and started giving me a welcome massage using lavender oil (to calm and relax me). I got a feeling this is going to be a wonderful relaxing treatment today!

    cold eco gel + electric rods massage

    After my welcome massage, she rub my tummy and thighs with a cool eco gel and using "electric" rods connected to a machine (not really electric but it has light small currents? to break fats on my problem area) massaged my thighs and tummy area. This went on for 10mins. I didn't feel anything at all. I was surprised it has electricity going through! It's very cold! brrrr...brrrr!!!!  

    todays treatment involves many products!

    Then she wipe the gel off and started to put slimming ampoules on me. Slimming ampoules important for penetrating and fat burning. Helps in slimming treatments. After a few mins, all the watery ampoule has been absorb by my body, so the therapist starts massaging my tummy in circular movements with a thermo slimming cream. There's so many slimming products being used in this treatment, I am actually enjoying the whole process! The massage went on for 35mins (tummy + thighs) and I actually slept because it was so enjoyable having your tummy and thighs massaged with cream. It wasn't painful at all! 

    slimming mask time

    Green Slimming Mask!!!

    When I woke up, the therapist was mixing a powder form mask with liquid to form a slimming mask. At this time I couldn't use my huge camera anymore so I took pics with my Iphone! It is a bit dark but u can see the greenish thing covering my thighs is the slimming mask. It was cooling when she put on, but after being cling wrap, it turned warm. I continue my sleep again for 20mins with the mask on. 

    I didn't know slimming treatments can be so enjoyable

    I think the treatment went on for nearly 2 hours! When I woke up I was really happy and had been thinking about signing up the TRST Slimming Package with Marie France since their 26th Anniversary is coming soon and they have discounts and promotional packages for customers to sign up. Get lucky draws if purchase RM2k above! You might even win an IPAD 2 if u purchase above RM5K and go into the IPAD 2 lucky draw round. Sounds so tempting right? So many slimming products given for this treatment session and it actually uses machine + massage. 

    Before I changed into my clothes, the therapist used one last product on me which BURN ME until the next day! Not burn as in Bakar/Fire but it was a fat melting heating cream that was applied on my tummy and thighs! I'm not suppose to bath after this too. The warmth sensation lingers until the next day! It's very warm, so I slept feeling like a kitten under the blankets that night. Awesome!!!

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