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  • Hot Stone Massage At Amante Nail Spa & Body Care


    Amante Nail Spa & Body Care Solaris Mont Kiara

    One of my favourite place to go is Amante (short for Amante Nail Spa & Body Care) at Solaris Mont Kiara. Located just behind Coffee Bean and above the quaint lil' bakery shop called Little Collins, Amante stands out with its fire fighting red and huge display of a pretty hand. They're more popular for nail care services but I love the body treatments here ! I bought a Aromatherapy Body Massage package  last year and just finished my last session recently The next thing on my list to try was the awesome hot stone massage I had during their open house. Since then I never stopped thinking about hot stone massage.

    I come here to de-stress during my free time

    Oh wait! I didn't "story" about how I got to know such a place yet! It's thanks to my bff Buaya Wing actually. She was the one who introduced me to Amante at Mont Kiara, saying their Pedicure & Manicure Spa Treatment is affordable and awesome. Curious I went with her to try (obviously she has a package there!). I must say it is affordable once u sign up a package with Amante. The cost of treatments would significantly be reduce when you buy them in bulk.

    Amante has a wide range of brands and colors to offer

    O.P.I still loved by many

     Essie (USA) growing popular too

    The pretty Pedicure & Manicure room & facilities

    The pedicure and manicure treatment area looks like a Arabian Princess room (well almost!). The comfy big sofas and the pretty curtains makes it really special. It's by far one of the good looking mani & pedi treatment stations I have seen around. Other facilities like their sauna, spa, jacuzzi rooms looks good but I have never tried it before.

    Special Black Stones & Essential Oil are used in this massage
    (photo credit: www.fotolia.com)

    Coming back to my topic on hot stone massage, I opted for 90mins session (the longer the better). I was told the massage style would be a combination of long relaxing strokes via Amante's Aromatherapy Body Massage techniques using heated stones (volcanic black stones?). The stones are special and can retain heat in them. The masseuse will hold these heated stones on her hands and massage our body with them, concentrating on the back first.

    hot stone massage!!!

    I was given a disposable G-String pantie, a hair cap and a towel to change. The masseuse will then come back to check on me and helped me to lie face down the massage bed. She starts the hot stone massage by rubbing essential oil all over my back. Then she will take the hot stones, cool them a bit and start massaging my back. AHHHH !!!!!! the feeling of hot stones gliding along my back with the essential oil is... (the feeling is hard to describe!). If I could start moaning, I would.

    Important: If the hot stones are too hot for you to handle, u need to alert the masseuse! She will cool it off a bit. Hot stones should be warm and not burning hot.

    every girl should try a hot stone massage once!
    (photo credit: www.fotolia.com)

    It was pure bliss being massage this way compare to the normal body massage I have gone through. The warmth of the hot stone was soothing and I read that it helps to relieve muscle ache or tense muscles on your back. My auntie once told me an old wives tale, about how in the past women would keep these special black stones, heat them up and used them on their back every night. She said the hot stones would melt away the "fat" on their back. That tale always stuck to me somehow.

    Concentrating on my back, the masseuse work her way to my thighs and feet. She used the smaller hot stones for my feet and placed them in between my toes after she finish. When she worked on my arms, she'll place one hot stone on each of my palm after she finishes. Different points on my back was also placed with hot stones! I wish someone could snap a photo of me with hot stones on my back. I fell asleep within 30mins and by the time I woke up, I wished the hot stone massage was at least 3 hours instead of 90mins! I didn't want it to stop! I felt so relaxed after my session, it's definitely different from the normal body massage treatments!

    Hot Stone Massage Is Calming & Relaxing!
    (photo credit: www.fotolia.com)

    Anyone who wants to try a hot stone massage don't worry about the oil on your body because the masseuse will use a towel to dry you up. You'll need to shower at home when you get back. For the shy ones, the masseuse will not use hot stones on your boobs! (for the front body massage, it'll be concentrating on your legs, arms and tummy). Shoulder massage will be given.

    P.S: Each time you try out at a new place, be sure to inform the therapist/masseuse prior to your treatment, the type of pressure you prefer (soft/medium/hard). Do not be afraid to voice this out! I always tell my therapist that I want it soft because I'm afraid of pain.


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