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Garnier Skin Naturals Light Oil Control


Oil control whitening cream

The latest Garnier Skin Naturals innovation "Light Oil Control" whitening cream has the new oil-trapping formula and 8 hour shine-free look. It whitens, visibly lightens acne marks and reduces excess oil. Dermatological tested, has pure lemon essence + salicylic acid derivative. This all sounds too good to be true and too bad I don't have oily skin or acne marks to try this out. Good news however for my readers with oily skin and acne marks! if you're looking for a product that will improve your worries, you might be the one I'm looking for. Comment with the details below to get selected to review this baby. I don't need an extensive review, just your thoughts, feelings or experience when u use this product and photos. You have 1 week to review, I don't need miracles to happen but after a month you feel there's improvement let me know! :)

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Why I should be the one to try the Garnier Light Oil Control (in 20 words). 

Start 29/10/11 - 5/10/11. Selected reader will be announce and item will be posted to her. Mailing address must be in Malaysia.


  1. Name: electronicfly
    Follower ID: electronicfly
    Blog/FB: http://electronicfly.blogspot.com/ (Lol see the trend?)
    E-Mail: electronic[dot]fly[at]gmail[dot]com

    Nothing on this world seems works for me (Not even Kiehl's Rare Earth Mask), plus I <3 Garnier's products!

  2. Ah, I just started using this today.

  3. Name:Shereen Sow
    Follower ID:shereen1224
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1603382659
    E-Mail: shereen_sow@hotmail.com

    I should try Garnier Light Oil Control because I face oily skin and acne marks.Hope it will help out~~


  4. Name:Liew Yi Wen
    Follower ID:ywenlyn
    Blog/FB: kumikobabewen.blogspot.com/

    I want to try it to stop my heavily oily face~

  5. Name:huisiam
    Follower ID:huisiam
    FB: facebook.com/huisiamlau
    E-Mail: huisiamlau@hotmail.com

    have been looking for moisturizer that controls oil and whitens. hope this will should me well~

  6. Name:Loke Jee Yeng
    Follower ID:雨银
    Blog/FB: www.complicatedjy@blogspot.com

    I swim and became dark.Need something to whiten me or else people start speaking Malay to me..=.="

  7. Name: Su Yen
    Follower ID: ~Tr@cey~
    Blog: tadtadyenny@blogspot.com
    eMail: suyentang@yahoo.com

    I need to lighten visible marks on my face to help me regain my confidence and lose my concealer!!!

  8. Name: Beverly
    Follower ID: bvrlylava
    Blog: bvrlylava.blogspot.com
    eMail: bvrlylava at yahoo dot com

    I am an oily-skinned beauty so my make-up wears off so easily! my pimple marks are now publicly visible :(

  9. Name: June Loo
    Follower ID: sjunemyself
    facebook: June Loo
    email: sjunemyself@gmail.com

    I always go for whitening products, but also troubled by oily skin too. It is good to be fair, but oily skins just make me look bad lah.

    and oily skin leads to acne prone skin, and scars dun fade easily on fair skin!

    sou would really like to try this product...

  10. Hi tammy,

    i'm very interested in reviewing the garnier new product. So blur me went n email you.. lol

    Name: CY Teong
    Follower ID: Jess
    Blog/FB: (if you have either) FB: CYTeong
    E-Mail: teong172002@yahoo.com

    Why I should be the one to try the Garnier Light Oil Control (in 20 words).
    I'm combi skin and got a bad acne scar and acne area on my right cheek that makes me less confident.

  11. Name: Sue Wong
    Follower ID: Sue
    Blog/FB: simplicitycumuniqueness.blogspot.com
    E-Mail: sue.a.wong[at]gmail[dot]com

    Why I should be the one to try the Garnier Light Oil Control (in 20 words).
    I have pimples springing out and I'm looking for products that cud help me with that n my pigmentation.

  12. Jessteong: it's alright :) got your entry here liao no worries

  13. i use this products at this moment so far my scars are reduced. it suits me well :)

  14. I'm looking for a review actually. I had it for three weeks now.... so...

    >no wearing powder makeup or anything that isn't cream over it since it will clumps with this cream
    > white cast all over your face, bad for tanned skin so you had to apply really thinly
    > oil control effect will fade after a few hours; skin will get oily nevertheless (probably because the skin is too dry.... so, before this cream, add a moisturising toner or prep like Hada Labo patting lotion)

    > RM10, this is much better than Fair & Lovely but like that product since I'm easily tanned, I had to apply this very thinly, hence, the product can stand for a couple of months at this rate but I usually layer it over my skin
    > did it say it have SPF? I ditch the box first but I still cant remember if it had sun protecting power like the other products in its range
    > It did what it had to, white cast --> fair skin, matte
    > no new breakouts

    Compare to the moisturizing cream. I think its best to stick with that since you can layer it with makeup. This one, not much, its for those makeup-less day.

    For whitening effect? It came from the zinc oxide I think, which is easily wash out. But Garnier Overnight Peeling Cream works wonders for that pesky dark acne scars... or any dark scars for that matter.

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  16. Controlled production of sebum prevents oiliness on face and this avoids bacteria from reacting with sebum on outer layer of skin. how to get rid of pimples


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