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Vila Manja Review: Manja Afternoon Tea


Vila Manja's Manja Afternoon Tea

The latest promotion from Vila Manja's Facebook is the Manja Afternoon Tea package. Just taking a peep at the poster makes you want to leave everything behind, get a massage and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee with homemade kaya toast afters. In short, this package offers a 90mins body massage session (30mins hot stone + 60mins relaxing massage) and afternoon tea & snack session for only RM150 (weekdays) / RM180 (weekends) 12noon - 5.00pm. A min of 2 pax is required. The usual rate for just the body massages alone cost RM256 without afternoon tea.

hot buttery toast with kaya

Well all this talking about afternoon tea reminds me of my all time favorite Malaysian comedy TV series Kopitiam. Still remember their opening song? Douglas Lim was my idol that time! The song really blends in well, to get away somewhere for a smile and that's just what I did with my bff Buaya Wing today. We hit the road to Vila Manja and was caught in a terrible jam (Matta fair madness).

I wake in the dawn to showers of light
Moments of emptiness surround
Floating away with auras of hope
But reality brings me... to the ground
What can I do?
What can I say?
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for the life I used to know

reached Vila Manja (Jln Damai)

an urban sanctuary to escape from city life

Asian inspired Spa experience

warm ambience that melts you away

 ginger tea awaits us before treatment

Before our treatments start, we were given ginger tea to freshen up. Chatted and laughed a bit with the Spa manager, Marianne. A lovely woman who has lots stories to share with us. She explained to us what the Manja Afternoon Tea package was about and that she'll prepare us the afternoon goodies while we get pampered upstairs!

the Chinese room

putting my sarong on

The treatment room was amazingly beautiful, set in red hues and curtains hanging from the ceiling. Each room has its own theme in Vila Manja. There's the Malay inspired rooms and the Asian inspired ones. Ours was obviously a couple room, that looked like a Chinese wedding chamber. My bff and I giggled at the thought of us being lesbians. We put on sarongs on and face down on the beds, eagerly waiting for our masseuse to start their magic. 

The first session was the 30mins Manja Stone Massage where an ancient technique with warm stones immersed in aromatherapy oils are used to massage our bodies. This is the signature treatment from Vila Manja that everyone should at least try once. Contrary to many beliefs, hot stone massage is not using hot burning stones on your body. The stones are warmed up, enough just to be massaged onto our bodies to relieve, soothe or loosen tensions and backache. The stones will not burn you! but if you have delicate or sensitive skin, it's always best to seek the advise of the manager before selecting this treatment.

p.s: the hot stones on my back was great, but hot stones being used on my legs? fantastic!

Next the 60mins Manja Relaxing Massage follows. Using aromatherapy oil, my masseuse uses long continuously strokes to massage my body, the pressure I requested was light (not hard, I can't take hard) and soon after I fell asleep. It was soothing, relaxing and the music in the room was so right in combining all the elements together for a relaxing pampering session. My bff commented that this massage was as good as the other luxury hotel spa we tried a month ago.

wing sleeping after her massage

our afternoon tea awaits us!

toast with fragrant homemade kaya!!!

the special of the day! half boiled eggs with black pepper

we enjoyed our afternoon tea so much! (for an hour plus)

will come back next week for another round!

Overall, I would say this is an unique experience for me. You can hardly find spas around town that serve you tea and snacks after a relaxing massage session. The environment of the spa is also unique to say. Set in the heart of the city, one would get lost trying to find this spa (no signage outside) but once you step into the place, it seems that you have been transported to another dimension where time stood still and your worries leaving you behind. Having your bridal shower or party here is a great idea, the spacious setting and ample car parks around the quiet neighborhood is a steal. I would come back here again :) and this time for the head spa recommended by Marianne for my migraines. I heard a special type of oil is used! oh I can't wait...

For more information regarding Vila Manja or updates on promotions and activities, please LIKE Vila Manja's Facebook Fan page :)


Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur
Bungalow 41 Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel: +6 (03) 2161 5418
Fax: +6 (03) 2161 5417


  1. nice! =)
    i am still shy to go for spa/massage.. will practice this during my coming soon Bali trip! =D

  2. thank for sharing and much needed body massage to knead away tired muscle


  3. i LOVE vilamanja! Marianne is such a joy to be with! xo

    1. :) yeah she is! I miss Vila Manja!!!


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