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i) Who plays the eponymous character in the movie Hancock?

ii) Fill in the blanks: In a bid to save a ...WHALE..., Hancock heaves it out to sea, only to see it smash a sailboat.

My Sypnosis on Hancock

In the modern day society, we have the modern day grumpy old man who curses at the reckless Mat Rempits on the road and then we have the modern day teenagers who will not hesitate to give you a piece of their mind. TODAY nobody is without problems, there is no white picket fence and a garden full of flowers. With modern day people, modern day lives and modern day criminals comes a modern day superhero to the rescue and he packs a hell of an attitude even Mat Rempits run.

He's no superman, no need brylcream there, just a cap.

He's no batman, with the shades on who needs to wear a mask anymore?

He's no hulk, well not green. Black is the new Green!

MEET HANCOCK! a superhero unlike any other, with problems just like u & me. Watch out for that WHALE! *duckkks*splash*

Ok don't like my version of the story?

10 reasons why u should watch Hancock by Miu

1. Eye Candy
There's a before & after fashion show starring Hancock in his beach wear, slightly casual but still good since it shows his manly side. Notice he work out a lot? Oh if you like the beach wear, you'll definitely love his working gear.. it shows his biceps

2. lights, camera ACTION
Forget the conventional poses with swimsuits, superhero suits.. Hancock does it like no other but way cooler in just his average joe gears. Lotsa action in cool clothes don't miss it. It's not just the Whale that is flying off this time.

3. Anger Management
Learning to cope with the petrol hike and domino effects, Hancock will teach you what not to do when angry. Besides, you can get some renovation ideas here.

4. Pretty Chicks!
Hey let's not forget, hancock is not the only pretty boy in this film, there's Charlize Theron who was a blast in King Kong remake (only now her husband is the one remaking the king kong "hancock" into a tame orang utan) and hey I think she's the villain in the movie.... just a hunch could be wrong :P

5. Anti Snatch Thief Lessons
For us Malaysian woman (and man) Hancock's got some great moves for you to combat pesky snatchers!

6. Dik, mana seat belt engkau? kena saman kan...
Yeap people he's not the bad guy ok. He's really the good guy just not in armani suit, sleek hair, clean shaven face and sweet mouth. A crime fighter who's always misunderstood because people watch too much marvel comic superhero stories already to realize heroes comes in all kinds of shape, size and even attitudes.

7. He's funny, in a different kind of way.
Hancock has some awesome moves that will make you laugh until your belly hurts.

8. Do I have Permission to touch your body? it's not sexual.
I think this is like the question of the year! everyone's raving on this.. Hancock has to rescue this lady and being a changed man, he proceeded to ask permission saying it's not like on any other day. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! avoid sexual harassment at all cost ok!!!

9. He has superhero powers & also can fly!
Yes like superman Hancock can also fly! but please don't drink n drive... or fly because you may crash into some government properties, billboards.. and be charged for it.


Hey come on it's Will Smith and he's my kind of superhero :)

Film Details:

Release Date3 July 2008
Running TimeN/A
DirectorPeter Bergman
CastWill Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman.


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