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Shu What?


I went to Shu Uemura's Family & Friends Sale today and it was disappointing. Why? read below:

1. limited range of cosmetics n skin care available for sale;
2. price is not cheap compare to other luxury brands around;
3. their staff probably got the best in the morning leaving behind the slow items;
4. small room, few tables only;
5. color variety on lipsticks/blushers/eyeshadow very limited, u can count with few fingers.

The queue is heavily guarded to prevent over stuffing the small "shu atelier" room, so waiting time will kill u if u meet the crowd above. You can see from the picture, that's where the sales are. A lot of people left not buying much or nothing at all. I even left without buying anything as the price is not really cheap for such basic colors/cosmetic.

Price Spy:

Lipstick/LipGloss = 1 for rm30, 2 for rm50
Blusher 1 for rm40, 2 for rm70
mascara 1 for rm35, 2 for rm60
fake eyelashes = rm20
bronzer kit = rm50
foundation = rm60
eyeshadow = 1 for rm30, 2 for rm50
eyeshadow pallete = rm40 - 50
crayon pen concealer (2 colors each side) = 1 for rm35, 2 for rm70
nail polish (didn't bother to see price)

facial scrub rm30
skin upliftin rm50
skin whitening care range goes from 100 above
skin whitening set rm100

there’s also Giorgio armani, about same price as above..for eyeshadow/lipstick/eyeliner etc.. didn’t care much coz.. nothing to shout about..

kiehl’s lip balm rm10
kiehl’s lotion rm10
kiehl’s lavender shower rm20

well i was there late morning.. it was a small sale..

That's about it, I don't think I will go to their next Shu Sales anymore.


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