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Advertlet's Hair Contest - SPY time!


Took a short video to show the contest that was organized by Advertlets @ Josh Lim. It was quite disappointing as not many took part for the contest. I wanted to join and do a spaghetti meatball hair style but due to work and time constraints I could not enter this contest yesterday. I was really surprised that the participants did not make any effort in raising any hell on this day. I thought the hair contest was:

Show us your hair’s style! Show up with the most creative/weird/horrible hairstyle at the screening itself, and you could win!

1 x Limited Edition Zohan Water Gun (worth RM 250 each)
1 x Limited Edition Zohan Muscle T-Shirt (worth RM 200 each)
1 x Limited Edition Zohan Star Shape KeyChain (worth RM 150 each)
1 x Pensonic Hairdryer PHD 1205 (worth RM 180 each)

but the 10 participants that enter had normal hair styles. I guess it could not be help and they needed 2 pick 5 winners so it went to the most stylo common hair of the bunch. I think if someone show up spraying their hair Pink, he would win too (it was that easy). Of course the organizers asked the audience to vote by giving cheers hence the loudest 5 bunch would win.

The ratio of boys to girls in this event is like 3:1 and I used the word boys because they seem to like cheering for girls and sisters in particular (the only 3 girls participating). The sisters were asked to explain why they should win in which they said they put a lot of planning and effort into making a braid across their forehead. They won but had to share a gift. The other girl didn't win. My guess is because she only had a flower as hair accessory. 3 stylo dudes won.. and they could go model for bryl cream (spiky hair stylo hair). Exception to the guy call Ramesh who had a small afro do! (which is dam best compare to the rest of the hairstyles!)


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