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Valentine Cuppacakes at 1utama


great news!

cuppacakes® will be at 1 Utama from the 6th feb to 15th feb 2009 for the valentine's day celebrations.we will have a good selection of valentine's day themed cupcakes available for purchase. only readymade cupcakes available.our booth will be at 1 Utama's Valentine's Day Promotion Area at the new wing in front of Polo Ralph Lauren, Raoul, Guess, Armani Exchange & Gap. unfortunately no orders will be accepted at this booth. if you would like to order, you may drop by our shop in damansara uptown.

Cuppacakes® @ 1 Utama
in front of Polo Ralph Lauren New Wing
6th Feb to 15th Feb 2009
10am to 10pm

I bought a box of 36 petite cuppacakes @ rm60 for tonight's valentine gathering with friends . It has hearts & strawberry design. To me it was the cutest design there. Well they're all really beautiful. Also on sale is individual cuppacakes for rm4-90 (wow pricey) & a box of 4 cuppacakes for rm10.

also bought my bf a V-day present!

I hope my bf likes the present I bought for him! he's the cutest, most handsome, macho guy I have ever known. Love u my tutu-guy! 

see he's so cute

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. OMG!!! It's so cute!!! I'm so getting one!

  2. yeah they are aren't they?! too bad they don't make deliveries for valentine's day or they would have made lotsa lotsa money!

    lucky they don't overcharge also.. just like roses.. the prices soaring like mad for Valentine's Day.

  3. LOL, your bf pose remind me of The Rock in the game plan muvee la =D i wonder who's tutu is that, hehhhe ^_^

  4. Jamie...Why do people have to post such mmmm stuff I can not eat it anymore ahhhhh!
    Hope it is a happy Valentines day!

  5. show us what u got for ur bf! :)


meow thx ^_^ for commenting

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