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L'occitane's Member Sales!


Loccitane Member Sales 27-30/8/09

Alexis called me up today to borrow my Loccitane member card, she sounded excited and panic at the same time. I said okay so when u want to come take it from me? she said "now?" I was like "Wuuut?". So she hunted me down at Beautilicious Warehouse Sales just to kidnap my member card away. Now she's back & telling me all about it! argh!! I NEED TO GO CHECK IT OUT TOO!!!


  1. too bad, i not their memeber...

  2. I am no member but I know this is good brand :)

  3. Things to look out for if they are not gone already:
    1.Immortelle Sheet Mask 40% off,6 pcs for RM96.If you use sheet mask)
    2.Immortelle Very Precious Regenerating Concentrate 40% off RM147 now.The only thing i bought.
    The rest are mostly sets and Grape range are all 50% off - Bath salts,Warming Body Wraps,Body Oil ,maybe beauty milk if they still have it.
    Small Cade Range after shave balm are now 50% off at RM19.
    I find only their less "laris" things are on sale. The Almond and SHea Butter range not that much.30ml Peach Bloosom EDP for RM112 .
    SPF30 sunscreen Buriti Range 30% off.

  4. I think they have the member Day sale first to let members get their first pick at sales items, after that the whole month of September the sale will be open for all.So no need to be member also can buy after 30th August when the Member Sale ends :)At least that was the case last year.


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