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My Kiehl's Haul


The Kiehl's Party was awesome, so awesome that I initially went there thinking I would not buy anything, ended up in bags. Shopping bags. I guess a great event will be incomplete without me shopping! (red alert red alert, shopaholic syndrome! catch me if u can!)

Would you believe that I didn't buy anything for myself? simply because I haven't tested the products yet (but that didn't stop me from buying gifts for my friends & sister!). I was busy shuffling my friends to get a consultation done, while I didn't get mine haha!!! so while others are busy sampling, testing and actually trying out the products, I was busy thinking what should I get for Jamie my Canadian friend & my sister? hmmm

nice logo! looks like a Harley Davidson kinda thing?

Men's Gift Package

being the only guy there (well he was initialy the only guy) raved to me about the men's deodorant @ Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream (with Orange, Lemon & Linseed Extracts). I picked one up for my boyfriend. It's unscented which is great bcoz my bf dislikes perfumes or chemically enhanced scents from products.

- Amino Acid Shampoo
- Rice Wheat Shampoo
- Men's facial wash
- Men's lip balm
- Men's soap
- Deodorant Cream

I picked up a few things for my sister too, she couldn't make it to this workshop but hell she's not going to miss out on the product sampling! courtesy of her big sister who bought her some Kiehl's products as her birthday present (which is also on the same day as this party!). What I picked up for her?

- Creme De Corp Nurturing Body Washing Cream
- Creme De Corp Body Moisturiser
- Amino Acid Shampoo
- Amino Acid Conditioner
- Liquid Hand Soap "GrapeFruit"
- Kiehl's famous lip balm

I also got 2 smaller gift sets for dear friends of mine. It's quite a bargain imho! The nice KCR put my nurturing body washing cream and amino acid shampoo into a Kiehl's pouch, tied with a gold ribbon! such a darling I tell u! definitely my place to go for gifts, look at the presentation & packaging? She also included samples in each gift set I have, making them look absolutely fabulous! (like there's so many goodies in it!).

try before you buy - Kiehl's

My damage? Nearly RM500 but for every RM100 I spend I get an instant rebate of rm10! Also I got samples to try at home to see if I like the products for myself! I'm seriously itching to try their anti-dandruff & shower gels at home! You can expect a review from me :)

Kiehl's Recycling Program

I'll be collecting emplty Kiehl's bottle to bring back to Kiehl's store for their recyling program. For every 10 bottles, Kiehl's reward you with their lip balm!!! aaayayayayaaaEEE!!! cool!!! If we have a Kiehl's bottle collection drive, how many lip balms can we collect n donate to charity??? haha.. just a thought! if anyone is willing to take it up :)

Did I miss out the good part?

I attended a free party, had awesome food baked by Fatboybakes.blogspot.com and drinks that beat the crap out of some cordial drink I drank last week & had a fun time sampling and chatting with mah buddies & readers! I went back home happy and the goodie bag made me delirious! LOOK! that's what I called a party!


  1. great haul :) wow, you spent quite a bit. Nvm, rich maa..:)

  2. *Scream*
    U Really a shopaholic.
    is fun to read u gila haul!
    Vampire Bonnie

  3. yea la, rich ma! =P

    it's been a long time since I've seen you, Miu. Kinda miss you and uncle froggie!

  4. Faster try the sample Miu and write a review...I want to try this product but didn't dare to buy before try it first, and they never give free sample if you didn't buy anything! Sigh...

  5. suzi: not rich not rich!!! T_T

    Vampire Bonnie: it was fun gila there too!!!

    prettybeautiful: OUCH... *flung to wall piak*

    hurley: miss u too big guy! we should yumcha one day n watch movie!!

    fizlynn: Babe! Kiehl's gives u free samples to test their products. Just walk in to the nearest Kiehl's and inquire for samples that you're interested to try like perhaps the anti-dandruff shampoo or their latest brightening range.

  6. omg nice haul! i luv Kiehls!!

  7. nice gifts!!! i wish i was there but it was my convo, couldnt't even enter the contest...sob sob

  8. wow sweet haul! you sweetie. getting gifts for everyone but yourself. no worries. now you can test till your heart desires and buy the ones you like!


  9. Thanks for introduced this brand. Yesterday i went to Kiehl's and buy their cleanser and lipbalm. Khiels is quiet generous giving samples and i've got like 14 samples to try and some of the samples works really well on my skin.


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