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Kinnaree Thai Restaurant Jaya One RM25 Deal for RM50 Worth!


Kinnaree Thai Restaurant at Jaya One being a Time Out KL (magazine) finalist for the best Thai/Indochinese restaurant and Thailand Tattler Best Restaurants (but Thailand right?) one would think this is a great place to try out. However I have google out food reviews for this restaurant and there's a mix love and hate relationship going on. I don't see popular food bloggers reviewing their restaurant, however I did dig up bloggers who were invited to the restaurant and they quote it is good. BUT when I read reviews from people who worked or dropped by there and paid for the food, the reviews are mostly negative with comments they're just standard dishes with overpriced tag. A few commented that the dishes are not authentic Thai dishes at all. The few things both sides agreed on is that the ambiance is beautiful, the place is posh and the menu is expensive. This is really amusing & I further find myself tempted to test this place out to see for myself.

THE DEAL ENDS 10.00am MONDAY 20/12/10

Right now Everyday.com.my Coupons is doing a 3 day promotion for them. The deal? You pay RM25 only for a RM50 Kinnaree Thai Restaurant cash voucher. This means it's 1/2 price for dining at this place. 1/2 price for trying out the food, 1/2 price for making it a special place to celebrate something. However there is a catch on the deal. It is only valid on a Sunday 6.30pm - 10.30pm (dinner time) and not usable on 6th & 13th February Sunday (CNY). The coupon is valid from 22nd Dec, 2010 till 22nd April, 2011. You can calculate how many Sundays are left to use this coupon.

lovely ambiance but food wise?

Even with the negative and positive reviews, I am still keen to try this restaurant out as one of my readers Hani* told me I should check this place out as it's good & the service is great. That and with the 1/2 price deal I say why not. I can live with the Sunday only dinner time limitation but if it crosses my path of fury, I'll shove the coupon up their *censored* where the sun don't shine. Come on I am only human right? Click here to view the coupon deal and to buy.

Update: I bought 10 coupons x RM25 = RM250 and will be getting RM500 worth.
Let's see my review will be on which team? - or +

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Kinnaree Thai Restaurant Menu
Click here to download Kinnaree Menu (6 MB) ]

What do you get when you purchase this Everyday Coupons?

  • RM 50 Cash Voucher for food (allow multiple coupons per bill)
Kinnaree Thai Restaurant
12-1 Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7957 3910
        017 247 0399

Business Hours:
Monday to Saturday
Lunch 12:00 - 15:30 (Last order 15:00)
Dinner 18:30 - 23:00 (Last order 22:30)


Dinner 18:30 - 23:00 (Last order 22:30)

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