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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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L'Oreal, Maybelline & Garnier Beauty Sales Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya


stock up your make up girls!

The OnlyBeauty.com.my Beauty Sales wagon is coming up to Seberang Jaya this time! (it's next to Penang haha) and where else but Sunway Hotel? You've heard the sales visiting each hotspot location in Malaysia and before it comes to the Klang Valley (Nov! mark your calendar girls) it's going to stop at Seberang Jaya to say hello to all the beautiful girls there! (and guys).

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And boy of boy if you haven't know yet.. I work for OnlyBeauty, a site that caters to giving its members all things beautiful. That means free beauty samples! Check out Today's Freebies where you get to apply for samples (and sometimes it's actual sizes if you're lucky) and wait to see if you got them in your account! With over 20,000 subscribers and a limited amount of samples, one has to be really lucky to get getting a OnlyBeauty letter filled with the sample right to your doorsteps!

sampling activity is on Monday - Friday!
(plus it's free weeee! no payment needed)

for shopaholics going to the sale, these are waiting for u!

Now I have not been to any beauty sales where they actually give away products to shoppers! No purchases needed! OnlyBeauty.com.my is by far the only one doing that and I seriously think they're awesome for rewarding its member and shoppers this way. If you're staying in Seberang Jaya, then don't forget to click the SMS Promotion section to get a sms to redeem either a FREE L'Oreal White Perfect Spot Corrector or a L'Oreal Revitalift White Spot Corrector. If you're not into spot correctors than why not get the FREE Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner by signing up to the sale here http://goo.gl/9OFruA.

SHARE this and redeem your SMS voucher for redemption now @ http://onlybeauty.com.my/ under SMS Promotion Category. Sharing is caring, I always say that.

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  1. Hello tammy! saya nak sample tu! yeayyyy nak sign up sekarang. thank you sharing beauty :)

    1. Hi Sheila,

      XD jadilah member OnlyBeauty!!!! share kat kawan kawan boleh join & dapat sample free ^_^


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