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Hello. Mother Misses You


not everyday you see a billboard that speaks to you

This morning, while I was on the way to an appointment I saw this weird billboard along Federal Highway going to Angkasapuri on the way to Petaling Jaya. Well maybe not weird but it kinda reminds me that my mom misses me which is really sad! I am curious to why this billboard message says "Hello. Mom misses you". There is no signs of branding, logo or information, so it must be either from these ideas that my friends suggested me:

some possibilities? maybe you have better ideas
  • A mother places an ad looking for her runaway children?
  • A telco message for Chinese New Year? (balik kampung)
  • A mother nature message that the world is going to doom e.g weather going bonkers
  • Some rich mom decided to pay $$$$ to advertise this message to her kids who pass by this road every morning to go work instead of texting them.
All it has is a girl on a bed of grass with birds and butterflies around her and she's snapping a selfie or herself or taking a picture of the blue sky. Anyone can tell me what this is about? I'll give you a prize for guessing right haha!

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  1. This is a bit of a creepy billboard, isn't it? I'm assuming it's a smart phone ad. That or Maxis...because the colour scheme looks like something they would come up with.

  2. i think its more to mother nature calling!

  3. Orang kaya tu... macam point u ahaha... kelakar betul

  4. the font looks like something from Samsung. is this an ad for Samsung Galaxy S5 ? hehe! if not Samsung, I'm thinking Celcom because of the blue color scheme. If this is a random mother paying for a billboard with no clue, then she must be pretty rich XD

  5. I am guessing... its an advertisement by tourism malaysia... asking urban folks to take a short break from their hectic life..


    An advertisement for awareness... saying we are cutting down more and mpre trees. And our eco system is no longer balance. Hahaha.

    Tell us whats the answer

  6. lol superhero mom sending message like Gotham City calling for batman?

  7. candy crush hahahha
    might be a telco ad


  8. I guess it's a teaser ad from MAXIS.

  9. I guess it's a teaser ad from MAXIS.

  10. lol superhero! I think it's from maxis

  11. I seen this everyday and I still can't figure it out! Maybe it's from a phone brand or something? Like Samsung since their previous brand like note 3 is on wood...>.<

  12. Celcom feel..Created new application to call mum easier and cheaper?

  13. Samsung ad lol. So easy that even mothers of mothers can use heehee

  14. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us.

  15. Is Kuala Lumpur's upcoming multi-billion mega real estate project that has all the 3Ps... Lying on the Greens (planet), you remember there's always Love (people) from Mommy (priority) back home.

  16. more like mother nature's calling up for you


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