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GiftBlob: Send A Gift Via Mobile To Surprise Friends!


the modern way to surprise your love ones today

Have you heard of this mobile app that you can use to send gifts to surprise your friends, family or even your special someone just by making a few clicks?. Introducing GiftBlob one of the unique mobile apps in Malaysia currently providing gifting services that allows users to send gifts without having to leave home. If you're busy, outstation, working or looking to surprise someone's birthday in a unique way then why not try GiftBlob?. It don't have to be birthdays, it can be a simple thank you or a message to brighten up someone's day. 

Now you can send surprises such as a slice of cake, coffee, gift or anything you can find on the app from these gift categories Coffee & Cake, Momento, His & Hers, Surprise, Fashion and Pamper. AND The best thing about GiftBlob? It's free to use! Just download from google play store or apple store by searching for GiftBlob.

download from App Store & Android Apps

want to know more? watch this video

What is Giftblob?  

Giftblob is a mobile gifting platform which enables mobile users to send and receive Gift via mobile. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, full-moon, baby-shower, valentines, festivities, or simply for an act of kindness, Giftblob enables mobile users to send Gift via mobile to another mobile user by 3 simple clicks and likewise, the recipient of the Gift will be able to redeem the Gift in equally simple manner; the recipient can simply walk into the Merchant and redeem the Gift or at the election of the sender, the Gift can be sent to the recipient directly.

Our mission is simple; we want you to experience the mobile gifting lifestyle, and to provide you with the state-of-the-art, highly interactive, user-user friendly and secure platform, Giftblob.

How To Use GiftBlob?

Here's how you can start sending gifts via GiftBlob with a few easy clicks. Once you have download the app, you can automatically login by connecting your Facebook account to the app and start selecting friends from your Facebook!. I love the fact that I can see which friends on Facebook with birthdays coming up next on GiftBlob. It makes me such an awesome friend that I can send gifts now to show I care.
  1. Select a friend from the list
  2. Select a gift from the categories available
  3. Write your special message
  4. Choose a preferred payment method (a list of banks available, including Maybank)
  5. Click send!
  6. An SMS, email or gift card will received in a few seconds
  7. Go to any branch available to enjoy the gift

download & search for a gift

select gift & select friend to receive it
with a message :)

make payment by banking transfer &
your friend will receive the QR code to redeem!

The gift is valid for 60days so that lucky girl or guy who's getting a gift from you is going to have plenty of time to redeem her gifts anywhere anytime. Have fun sending gifts to your friends today :) Giftblob is available for download at Google Play and Appstore. For more information and inquiries you can also e-mail to customer_support@macroblob.com.


  1. interesting way of giving gifts

    1. it's always great to try new ways of sending gifts :D kinda impressive

  2. Sounds like a handy way to send gifts to friends conveniently. Great for people who want to avoid the madness of malls on a weekend. I like!
    Wow, Tammy, you're always the first to try out the cool stuff.

    1. but with the community, I have been actually focusing my time growing and nurturing it. I still blog when I can and I hope to get inspired to share wonderful things to people from my blog.


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