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Gogoprint Malaysia Your Online Printing Solution


check out my postcard from Gogoprint!

I'd like to share a new way to get your printing done without leaving that comfy seat of yours. Yes, that's right. Now with Gogoprint Malaysia, you can have the option of online printing via their e-commerce website. It's very easy to use! They pride themselves of giving quality printing at the best prices they can so I took up the challenge to check them out myself using a discount code they gave me for review. I'm surprise they cater to many types of printing services, from marketing to personal use. You can print out name card, business card, flyers, posters, letterheads, tags, bookmarks, wedding cards, leaflets, postcards, invitation cards, presentation folders, gift vouchers, loyalty cards online.

a convenient way to get your printing needs done

many printing options available to cater to your needs
(I like the Events & Occasions!)

pros & cons of online printing vs traditional printing

 it's not at all a hassle, trust me!

The platform is user friendly so I don't think anyone would have any problems trying to order a printing service from them. It's all readily prepared, with the options available for you to select on each step you go. The options also shows you what's a popular choice which gives you less worries about making the wrong choice. My only qualms is I wish there were more options given but thank goodness at least they have a custom format available for customising the print sizes you need.

From selecting the size, the paper type, the finishing it's all there for you to click, click, click!

How Easy? 
Once you register for an account, there's only 4 steps to the whole process.
  1. Selecting what you need
  2. Make payment
  3. Upload your design
  4. Wait for delivery! 
1 - select the type of printing you need

2 - choose your format (size)

3 - choose print on both or one side

4 - select paper type

5 - select your finishing

6 - choose quantity & delivery speed

I have to say I really like that they're transparent with their prices! They're affordable compared to the traditional printing services around, and they give you free shipping. I'm much too lazy to go order and pick up my printing stuffs at the shops and they charge you $$$ for express work! Now I can just browse through and check prices before confirming a print from my office or home.

So you know how I said I tested the site out? I went for postcards under Events & Celebrations, because printing name cards is much too boring for me to do. I wanted to try something different. I selected the options I needed - 4 x 6 inch postcard size which is the standard postcard size, full colour print on both sides (exquisite!), 310g art card for paper size because I don't want a flimsy postcard. For finishing, I choose the lamination matte because I felt lamination glossy might make the postcard look cheap.

7 - check everything before adding to cart
(note the additional options)

I wasn't in a hurry so I selected the normal production delivery speed. Then a pop out appeared showing me my order summary. Please check to ensure all details are correct before payment! Don't rush it. Mistakes might happen and it'll be stressful to cancel and stuff. While still at this page, there are additional options for file format design service and file check.

File Format Design is where you can select the print-ready PDF file which is free of charge. But should you wish to have their design services, the other options would be payable as additional costs. e.g RM200. Design amendment with 3 revisions costs would be RM50. I choose to the free option as I know how to design my own work.

File Check is where the team checks your file for most common fixes such as missing bleed, missing safety margin, convert RGB to CMYK (printing colours), and wrong format sizes. At this stage, they will not send the artwork to you for checking so your printing order would not be delay. This is understandable as it's only common fixes that don't need you to check over.

BUT if you need a professional check and printing proof, then additional charges would apply.

8 - shopping card & checkout

 9 - billing & shipping information

10 - various payment options available

Add to cart and it will bring you to the final step where you can apply discount codes (if you have one), check your order items, and proceed to check out. At the check out page, fill in your billing and shipping information for delivery.  You can make payment for your order by Internet Banking, Credit / Debit Card or Offline Bank Transfer. Once payment is made, you'll have to upload your artwork as the final step and await your order confirmation and delivery from Gogoprint Malaysia! (hooray!).

front & back of postcard

the back of the postcard 

what do you think of my postcards?

Here's my postcards, which I made for Butterfly Project (my bloggers community). Our birthday month is coming so I'm getting ready to sell these postcards to raise funds to pay for the party venue. The colours and results from my photographs are only for illustration purposes (maybe my photography skill dam good ahaha). The actual printing results may vary. The postcards arrived on the dot via courier (signature needed). They were packaged securely in a box so they were in good condition when I unbox!

So students, homemakers, business owners! If you need an affordable printing solution, you can check out Gogoprint Malaysia and see for yourself, cheers!

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