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Bolt: : Truman a.k.a Doggy


I watched the release of Bolt (by Disney) with my brother during their sneak preview in Cathay Cineleisure last month. Truth be told, this is somewhat like the Jim Carrey's The Truman show where the main star are not aware that the life they're living is a lie! it's on camera & they are the reality movie heroes. So Bolt is the dog living the Truman show. I know kids will love this movie because while I was watching the midnight sneak preview, 70% of the viewers are family with kids, little kids. So there was a lot of feet thumping, chair shaking, talking and laughing at midnight! Anyway I fall asleep after Bolt jump onto a train to get back to Hollywood. So I won't be rating this movie since I fallen asleep on it.

Rating: I fell asleep 1/2 way through the movie. Could be I am just tired.


  1. jamie thinks the kids were all pointing at you while you were sleeping asking their mom or dad why is that old lady sleeping did gram ma miss her afternoon nap!
    Ha Ha He He

  2. No, I think you were not tired. It's the movie. I fell asleep after first half hour. The movie was not interesting enough :)

  3. maybe you are tired, this a great movie, the story line quit different and nice...my sis cried at one part...for me, i enjoyed it sooo much!!!

  4. wow u must be really tired or the movie not good enough to grab yr attention :)

    anyway, this was my first movie after a while. and i truly enjoyed it - one of the better cartoons since the heydays :)

  5. I just watched this movie last night :D , cool animation, great!


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