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Anna Sui Warehouse Sales


With Anna Sui Warehouse Sales coming up (ok it's not just Anna sui, there's plenty of brands in this warehouse sales. I only tag it Anna Sui to differentiate all the warehouse sales) many might be wondering how to get there right? I received a lot of emails/sms/comments asking me where it is.

how to get to 3k compleks?

3K Inn Subang Jaya
Persiaran Kewajipan
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia


  1. miu ar...whole year only this chance is it to get cheapo anna sui? ot maybe other sales? i can not go lei....so far...unless got public transport la.....plus fri sat sumore....

    tutu J

  2. :( usually they do at least 2 times for this sale in a year but last year..they didn't do year end suddenly @_@

    metrojaya i heard also got anna sui, in shah alam.

  3. owh ok.....mebbe wait that 1 metrojaya one unless i buay tahan n go hahahha.....thanks ar.....

    tutu J

  4. hey miu, i think this time only got perfumes right.. no make up for clearance?

  5. Hi Miu...is it better to go the last day? or the 1st day?

  6. tutu: metrojaya more brands to choose from and prices are very good as well. This anna sui, perfumes some cheap some are just about 40-30% less only.

    hi anonymous: so far always got cosmetics.

    june: depends on what you want to buy actually. If u can, go on both days. If u can make it on fri, sat is still not at a loss bcoz they discount on last day (duno what time.. sometimes early sometimes few hours b4 close)


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