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Marie France Bodyline Day 11 - What happens when you have period?


Marie France Treatment rooms are dimly lit
(for relaxation and resting)

It's day 11 of my Marie France Bodyline adventure. It's hard to keep track as I could not use my camera during my slimming session, especially when I have a huge camera to hold. I have been wondering how I could snap photos while being massaged or under a cold wrap. I'll try my best to show more photos of my treatments!

Can U Still Do Slimming When Period Comes?

Has anyone ever wonder what happens when your period comes and you have your next slimming treatment scheduled? It'll be messy for sure! I was feeling quite shy about this but I voiced it out to my Jennifer and she was understanding!!! She swap treatments so I could do the ones that don't involved me having to strip down to my panties or disturbing my nether regions that would affect my womb/ovaries/period. Amazing that they think about this so I don't have to miss or reschedule my slimming session. It's not every day that a working person like me get to have free time to go for appointments.

 sometimes while I'm having my slimming wrap 
I can come here to chill & read magazines!
(Marie France Mid Valley lounge)

SO today I'm getting a machine treatment that focuses on my flabby arm bits and back. Again the machine looks like a vacuum cleaner, but there's no suction involved. From what I see, it's an infra red roller that the therapist held on and move in a one direction technique. A cooling gel was applied on the areas before the machine treatment begins. This helps to combat cellulite and firmed my bits. It also makes it much a smoother process when a machine. I didn't any pain or discomfort in my condition, it was in fact relaxing to have something massaging me on my back and arms.

there's also place for you to have tea and biscuits

Gee... is all slimming treatments so relaxing? It's like a massage center + fat burning products and machine. How cool it is to get a massage that also helps slims and firms u up?

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