I Love AquaMoist Pure 100 H!

Asia's No. 1! best seller!

OH MAN this product is awesome! I mean if you're digging for Hyaluronic Acid products for that moisture locking properties, you should try this product from Juju Aquamoist called the Pure 100 H (Hyaluronic Acid). It contains 100% Hyaluronic Acid Essence. I have been using this for a month before I sleep. Can't say how much I love this product, it's also the first time I use Juju Aquamoist product! I am not the only one who find this great! you can bet on that crown why it's Asia's No. 1 for this brand!

see how impressed I am with it

watery gel texture 100% hyaluronic acid

water power!

I'm going to make this short and sweet! just like how easy it is to use this! Just 1~2 drops onto your palm depending on how much you need is enough for maintaining an overnight treatment effect comparable to moisturizing mask. I smoothed it on my cheeks first and then spread it towards my sides. My cheeks are the driest parts of my face (often resulting in peeling) so I make sure they get some love first. The texture is watery but in fact it's quite gel like too (see my palm! it stays on for a few seconds before gravity pulls it down). The absorption is FAST! I was so impressed with this as compare to other Hyaluronic products in the market. There's no SCENT! no Mineral Oil no Colouring no Animal Added Ingredient. 

easy to apply, smooth and fast absorption!

I also spread to my neck (so it stay youthful)

Being a serial air-conditioned person who stay indoors to work, my skin is dehydrated so keeping my face hydrated is a major task that sometimes I neglect to keep up. A serum like this comes in handy to give me that SOS boost. The Hyaluronic Acid penetrates into my skin and locks the moisture there so that my skin stay soft and supple. The after-application is not oily/greasy so I'm pretty happy about this. Suitable for all skin type, I didn't get breakouts from this as compare to using another brand which many combination~oily skin users don't quite like, some citing they have breakouts because it is too rich after use and takes some time to absorb. If anyone drops by SASA/Watsons/Jusco just use the tester and try it @ absorption rate. This product is RM9X.XX (I can't remember the exact amount, will update again) not bad for serum price and it's Made in Japan. 

available at Jusco, Sasa & Watsons

The Pure 100 H has high penetrative ability which efficiently penetrates deep to the skin and gives instant replenishment while at the same time helps to repair wrinkles of dryness and skin texture. The improved skin moisture balance also helps a better application of makeup in next morning, it leaves the skin soft & bright. Mild acidity formula, no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, no animal added ingredient. Gentle to skin and suitable for all skin type. For more information or questions, you can join Juju Aquamoist Facebook! click here.

Texture: Watery Gel Like
Price: RM9X.XX for Serum/Essence
Scent: no fragrance at all!
Packaging: Pump bottle, easy to use
Color: No Color! it's clear, water like.


  1. oh dear..it's quite expensive..i'm still a student..(T___T)

  2. Good review! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hiya Miu,

    I'm a big fan of Hyaluronic Acid. Been using the 'H' brand for a while now. Have you tried that before testing JujuAqua? If this is better, time to change cos dat wonder bottle of mine is finishing soon!

  4. are_nyss: yeah :( for student will be expensive, but students so young don't need serums (so serious case) yet.

  5. Charming Vanity: thank u ^_^ like my cartoon?

  6. Joyce: WHAHAHAH U i'm trying to control my LOL now. The 'H' brand so far I only used their eggxuisite cleanser (nice) and their star product toner. Didn't use their serums/essence b4 so don't know which one better. But I used their toner b4 it's quite sticky and takes some time to absorb compare to 'J' brand.

    My suggestion to you, head to Sasa use the tester n pump two biji. Sapu on your cheeks to jawline area. Feel the texture :D and softness to see if it works for you as compared.

  7. Faster go Jusco grab!! I saw it selling at RM79 only..

  8. wahlaueh... serious? sale?!!!!!!!! rm79 very dam worth for serum!

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