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The New Improved Rexona Spray For Women with FreshProtect


celebrating the burst of freshness with Rexona Women's latest product!

It's embarrassing when we girls "glow" and someone notices we're not emitting the beautiful fragrance of an exotic flower that we are. I am talking about B.O = Body Odor *runs*. This happens when your sweat mixes with bacteria and people give you the death stare. We can't stop ourselves from sweating and that is a natural for all of us modern women with busy lifestyle, from going to work, meetings, hitting the gym or rushing to meet deadlines!. Stress causes us to sweat too and boy, when I am stress? I eat. Just don't eat curry because I'll smell like curry *gah*.

happening this weekend at Sunway Pyramid

Innanie & Cik Lily Putih sharing their views as Rexona users

treated to a magical bubble performance by a cute guy hehe

Recently I took up a treasure hunt challenge at Sunway Pyramid at the Rexona media launch, introducing the new improved Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM that is especially formulated with body-responsive microcapsules technology that burst and release long-lasting fragrance allowing active women to enjoy all-day freshness. 

Confidence is the key to looking great and feeling fresh

How do I stay confident then at the treasure hunt? By spraying myself with Rexona Spray for Women FreshprotectTM in Shower Clean (what a coincidence my treasure hunt team is called team Shower Clean woot woot!). The technology in FreshprotectTM gives extra protection against sweat and odour as the microcapsules release bursts of fragrance with every movement I make. From running to one location after another, I find myself smelling fresh, still dry and confident that nobody is going to smell B.O from me.

It was a super fun journey for me as my team and I face the treasure hunt challenges together answering quizzes, laughing at how we fumble during the mix and match session, jumping into the air like rabbits trying to get a great shot of us for points (we didn't score points but we had fun!), shopping cart challenge where we had to remember the quantity and variant of Rexona products to be taken and the best challenge of all is the running with Rexona challenge!. You won't miss this, it's like a dance off game at the giant size Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM dome. My team mates ran and ran to score over 3,000 points.

“As the world’s leading deodorant brand, Rexona understands that women want a dependable and long-lasting solution to overcome those everyday moments of increased adrenalin and sweat – whether at the office, at the gym, or with friends. The new Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM is designed especially to provide women with burst of long-lasting fragrance for all-day freshness,” said Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd. 

“This unique patented technology, makes the new Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM the only antiperspirant that reacts directly to body movement with underarm friction that triggers the microcapsules to burst and release fresh fragrance when you need the most. Now, women are assured of a deodorant that won’t let you down.”

The Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM is available in 5 variants to suit different lifestyles:
  • Shower Clean
  • Free Spirit
  • Passion
  • Whitening
  • Powder Dr

The Shower Clean which  gives you all-day shower freshness feeling while Free Spirit will keep your confidence alive with its uplifting mild fragrance for long-lasting dryness protection. Passion provides all-day dryness protection with its vibrant floral fragrance and Whitening especially formulated with natural sunflower seed oil will give you fairer underarms in just two weeks! Lastly, Powder Dry has two times more dryness protection with the benefits of talcum essence.

     Friends dared me to take this picture with the cute magician hehe.

My favorite? It's Rexona Shower Clean. I like the smell of coming out from the shower, all clean and fresh. Like a baby, ready to just jump onto the bed and snuggle under the covers.

Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion and Powder Dry 150ml bottles are priced at RM11.90 while Whitening 150ml is priced at RM12.90. The improved deodorant sprays are now available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia.

To catch and try the Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM for yourself, don't miss out the 5-days concourse road show in Sunway Pyramid. You get a chance to experience the power of the microcapsules in the new Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM in the huge Bubble Room and the Running Bubble Game. Get ready to be treated to interesting stage games and performances with exciting prizes to be won just by staying confident with Rexona.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/RexonaMY

Thanks to Unilever Malaysia, Rexona and Impact Communications for inviting me to experience Rexona Spray for Women with FreshprotectTM at the launch!.


  1. so enjoy and fresh whole day with rexona!!!

  2. A lot of interesting activities!

  3. Wow you look so slim in the bubble photo! :D

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