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Buying Boxes & Printing Sticker Labels in Malaysia


labels for your presents?

This month I almost wanted to buy a gun and shoot myself in the head. I've been multi-tasking everything using two Macbooks on my bed while listening to Spotify. One of the challenges I face was to prepare 100 beauty boxes for my community's Christmas Beauty Box Review Project. First I am most grateful to the 10 brands who love and support The Butterfly Project community. Many thanks to them! I shall reveal who they are in my next post when I unbox the beauty box for all to see. How do one prepare a beauty box? quite simple. I'm doing the most basic due to lack of funds. Here are the things you need:
  1. boxes = google for wholesale boxes Malaysia
  2. labels = print / stamp / diy / customise box printing
Preparing 100 beauty boxes is no easy feat so I went straight to just printing sticker labels (saves time and effort). Just need to peel off and stick. I bought the boxes from http://www.box2pac.com. Initially ordered and paid for the smallest size box (promotional price RM2.10 each) but upon seeing it at the shop during self collection (to save delivery fees) it was too small T_T *sobs* so I had to upgrade to 255 X 235 X 90mm size which costs RM3.80 each. That leaves not much budget to buy anything else for the box.

This Box2Pac shop does a lot of beauty box and packaging box printing for their clients but the min order needs to be 500 boxes for customise printing (out of my budget again). They are located at Kepong, Bandar Manjalara. Janice volunteered to drive me there for the collection *thank u!*.

For sticker labels, I have been using Prints Buddy Enterprise printsbuddy@gmail.com (blogger friend). Their service is fast, reliable and affordable which is why I continue to only use them for anything The Butterfly Project needs. From banners, posters, sticker labels, name card printing and even my own diy beauty projects (lip and body scrubs). I told Janice (omg another Janice haha) that I had only X budget, and she quickly advise me the best printing option for me - inkjet printing 4 X 4 inch circular sticker labels. I usually go for laser printing for the flawless result but this time due to budget constraint, I said okie lah as long look nice.

taken with my Iphone - the sticker labels I ordered

4 X 4 inch circular pre-cut sticker labels
(just peel and stick on the beauty boxes!)

My gosh, when Prints Buddy deliver the order to me, the sticker labels were glowing! The colour quality, the glossiness, the whole thing looks so NICE! I was so happy so I decided to blog about this. Check out the photos of my sticker labels :)

Cost of beauty boxes:
1. Box RM3.80 x 100
2. Sticker Labels RM145 (100 stickers)
Total cost per box = RM5.25

P.S: The designs I sent myself to them for printing, so prepare your own PDF / high res images for printing. Unless you need them to design which they can, you gotta pay for their service yeah.

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