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My Third Voluspa Haul


one haul, 8 candles, worth over rm1.6k

You don't know how obsessed I am with Voluspa right now. My head is filled with Voluspa and every day I can't stop thinking about my precious candles (turns into Gollum's voice). I've liked fragrances for a long time, be it aromatherapy, essential oils, perfumes, diffusers, and well candles. I first discovered Voluspa at Bangsar Village 2 shopping mall at a shop under Ms.Read's parent company. I can't remember the name anymore, they've closed down for many years now. Other places to get your Voluspa fix would be the Voluspa Malaysia at Thimble Boutique. They often have year-end promotions and fund raisers. You can also spot them at quirky bazaars sometimes.

Voluspa is also available at Nordstrom, Lazada, Fashion Valet, UBuy and MySale. Mine is from MySale because they're getting it from Voluspa UK's clearance and I only need to pay RM25 flat rate international shipping (which is by far the best deal). Definitely, do not miss out on promotions if you're planning to stock up on candles, the sale price is almost the same if not better compared to brands such as Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candles. A two-wick Voluspa candle costs over RM200, when you could get it at the clearance price of RM59 only. The burn time is 50hours.

The downside? It's a one month wait and they don't pack fragile goods properly (I've numerous damaged orders since last year). However, their customer service has stepped up to speed these days to refund "very bad" damages. My 3rd Voluspa haul came last week, and one of the candles were badly damaged (no hope) so it was refunded. I'm sad because that was the scent I wanted, Crisp Champage.

Anyway, I love Voluspa so much and I want to share what I got for my 3rd haul so enjoy the pictures because I did haha. I'm going to put the np price but if you really want to know what's the sale price, leave a comment.

Voluspa Ceramica Alta Candle (Ceramic Candle) NP RM210.95

love all the intricate designs on this ceramic candle

a good candle size 19x8x8

I bought 6 Voluspa Ceramica Alta candles but unfortunately, one of it was badly damaged. Among the surviving scents, 4 are best sellers - Saijo Persimmon, Laguna, Suede Blanc, Vervaine Olive Leaf. Macaron has mixed reactions from fans because it could be too sugary or too light to be taken seriously. I picked Vervaine Olive Leaf after watching Candles Off Main's recommendations. It smells like a luxury bathroom. Suede Blanc is a woody/oriental/spice scent category which smells like leather. I thought that was interesting so I wanted to pick it up. Laguna is a beach sea scent, which I bought as a birthday gift for my dear friend Candy to remind her of the Spa Villas, Pangkor Laut. It smells powdery, but you definitely could smell the sea amidst the beach sands and you just feeling sexy enjoying your beach holiday. Saijo Persimmon is my favourite out of all these because it smells so juicy and vibrant!

I am impressed with the ceramic candle range, it's thick, heavy, has a good body, and a vented ceramic snap-close lid that still disperses the scent even when it's not lit (genius right?). It looks pretty on its own already! I only wished the label was embossed onto the ceramic itself. It's a paper label, which wasn't wrapped tightly. You can see it's uneven. It's still a two-in-one keeper! (I still super duper love them). The size? 15oz 425grms with burn time 120hours.

Voluspa Vermeil Collection - Bourbon Vanille NP RM179.10

see the gold specs on the silver glass?

I wanted the Vermeil collection since last year but this collection proved too fragile for delivery. All of my orders for this candle ended up broken. I was surprised this latest one Bourbon Vanille survived and got to my hands in one piece. It's really too pretty, but I what I really wanted was the scents in Makassar Ebony & Peach, Prosecco Rose, and Casa Pacifica (all damaged, and refunded sob). The Vermeil collection has one of the prettiest light to design collection. The candles are packaged in antique double embossed glass with shining metallic specs on it. The size 110z / 310grms with burn time 60 hours. 

Voluspa's signature candle tin now trademark & patented.

I was really lucky to have gotten my hands on this during the sale! It's Voluspa's latest scent from their Jardin collection. The Apple & Blue Clover, which smells almost like Makassar Ebony & Peach but it's more of a floral scent once you start burning. The double wick tin is the signature of Voluspa's btw! They even patented it. So I'm guessing, brands like Soi Candle won't be able to produce their double wick tins too now? (they look the same).

What I love about Voluspa's double wick tins is that it survives being broken into pieces. They're travel-friendly, lighter than glass and durable. The tin has beautiful designs on it based on what scent/collection they're under. There's embossed logo with heat stamped gold borders.

Voluspa Vermeil - Incognito NP RM179.15

star embellished, gold exterior with "Braille" like dots

Now I wanted to pick up the double wick oval tin just to have one into my Voluspa collection. I was surprised yet again to discover that the tin wasn't just a one tone colour. There's embossed, Braille like designs on it! The scent, Incognito is seriously more suitable for men. I regretted buying this because it smells like Dior Savage with oud ingredient in it. Smells like a dark mysterious rich handsome savvy man. Just like how the ingredients expressed "Incognito is a mysterious fragrance and intoxicating blend of amber, black patchouli and oud". The size 12oz with burn time 50 hours.

let's take a look at the ceramic candles again, look at the design!

vented close-snap ceramic lid

beautiful intricate designs on the lid

Voluspa uses coconut wax, healthier to breathe in

So there you go my 3rd Voluspa haul. Of course, I would like to review them as I use them. I'm on a mission to try all their scents in my ability and review them on my blog. Yes, now you know how crazy I am but do you know why I have fallen in love with Voluspa? It's not only because of the designs and packaging (I'm a sucker for this) it's also because of the unique scents they're able to create that doesn't smell cheap like how you get with cheap to medium range candles. Voluspa smells gorgeous, and their designs are gorgeous. They're cheaper than Diptyque and Jo Malone candles but smells equally good, which is why they're called "Luxury You Can Afford".

Also, Voluspa has their own blend of coconut wax which is healthier, toxic free when burn. There are no phthalates, no parabens, no sulphates, no animal testing and 100% cotton wicks for a clean, long lasting burn.

P.S: I want to add that their candle can be repurposed as trinket storages, flower vase, etc!

Voluspa's Proprietary Coconut Wax Blend

Voluspa's candles are poured with a luxurious, extremely clean burning, coconut wax blend.
This proprietary formulation was developed after years of research and development and is truly an innovation in the industry. Voluspa is one of the first candle companies to use coconut wax commercially. Coconut wax is made first by collecting coconuts and then cold pressing the oil out of the meat of the coconut. That coconut oil is then turned into coconut wax through the process of hydrogenation, which is the same process by which soy wax is made. Features of this new blend:
  • Extremely clean burning! Independent lab tests show that Voluspa's coconut wax blend burns up to 90% cleaner than a 100% soy wax candle of the same size and fragrance.
  • Beautiful creamy white look and feel.
  • Holds a high volume of fragrance.
  • Works well with perfume fragrance. Doesn't interfere with a fragrance's true notes and character like soy wax.
  • Ecologically sound, sustainable, and pesticide-free manufacturing.
  • Wicks are 100% cotton for a long lasting clean burn.
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  1. I'm not even a fan of candles.. But reading through your blog... I have major contemplations of starting a new hobby... Lol... I would so love to have the one that reminds you of the beach... Always had a thing for 'water'scents...

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention about the designs... They are absolutely fabulous... Simple yet detailed... Just the way I like it..

  3. So cute! love it very much.

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  7. These candles look amazing!! I need to keep my eyes peeled for their sale so I can get some for my mum. :D

  8. not a super fan of candles but a sucker for exquisite packaging! awww man, i think i will want to get and collect them too <3

  9. Best nya..i love candles esp yg bau vanilla...omgeee

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