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Keratase: Complimentary In-salon Hair Ritual Treatment


I received an e-mail invite from Keratase to experience their hair ritual treatment at nearest participating Keratase salons (Camie refer my email in after redeeming hers). My hair and scalp is in an emergency state now, dandruff going berserk, sensitive scalp... my head troubles never ends so this Keratase In-salon Hair Ritual Treatment is just what I need!  Just click on any of the images here or go to www.kerastase.my and click on the small icon that says an unforgettable experience. It will bring you to a page briefly explaining what this is all about and you will need to register for a complimentary gift certificate to be sent to you (in order to redeem the treatment). 
From 20th July to 20th August 2011 
Kérastase invites you to experience a complimentary In-salon hair ritual treatment at a participating Kérastase Salon. 
A Kérastase ritual is the ultimate professional In-salon treatment personalised to your scalp and hair needs, providing optimum results and an indulgent moment of relaxation.Simply click on the below link, enter your details and your personalised gift certificate will be posted to you.
Once you have received your gift certificate, call your nearest participating Kérastase salon and reserve your Unforgettable Experience appointment.http://www.kerastase.my/sites/_ms/_my/minisites/unforgettable-experience/index.aspx

register to get gift certificate

Just filled up your details quickly and your correct mailing address coz the gift certificate will be sent to you after you hit next next button. Like Camie, you can refer more friends to Keratase website so they can also register for a complimentary treatment. Enjoy girls!

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