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Don't Ruin Your Clothes!


Embarrassing Moments (I dare u to watch)

Did you watch my video? I was reenacting a scene where my friends attended a party and a girl wore a white dress but she didn't know her dress was discolored already. Well maybe the right word to use is stained? She didn't realize it until someone told her about it! Imagine her embarrassment! Wait did I mention where it was stained? the area just under our armpits (pardon me) where we "glow". Yes men sweat women glow! we don't sweat - no we don't!

examples of a fashion faux pas!

How on earth can our white tops or dresses get stained by yellowish marks?! Well let me tell you, it's because of the deodorant we use daily. With prolonged use of deodorants, the chemical reactions from our "sweat", deodorant ingredient and material of clothing causes stains our clothes. White marks on black clothes and yellow stains on white clothes. Remember our white shirts from school? the insanely yellow marks that won't go away. That's an example of the horrible embarrassing yellow stain attack.

NIVEA Invisible For Black & White

48h protection from yellow stains and white marks 

warning: yellow stains beware!

Avoid embarrassing moments where you get captured by "frenemies" at parties or gathering by using NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Anti-perspirant deodorant. NIVEA's latest deodorant helps prevent white stains on black clothes and reduces yellow stains on white clothes. Trying not to repeat the same Barbie episode I just did, I bought the NIVEA Black & White spray and roll on from Cold Storage yesterday. The bottle comes in black, white and pink colors for girls and it smells like perfume! The benefits:
  • no white marks on black clothing
  • reduced yellow staining on white clothing
  • 47h anti-perspirant protection and gentle NIVEA care
  • without alcohol and colorants
  • skin tolerance dermatologically proven
I especially like the roll on, it smells lovely like a body perfume. Floral and light :) my whites are going to thank me for it. My boyfriend being a fan of NIVEA (the only deodorant brand he uses) would be changing to NIVEA Black & White from his usual blue NIVEA roll on. Let's hope we don't rush somewhere and neglect our white & black (clothes). 


  1. Hahaha nice video! Will definitely have a go at this deodorant when mine runs out... Been looking for a solution to the yellow stains for eons!! :P

    1. i have the same problem too

    2. I didn't know deodorants caused the stains.. i thought it was our sweat and washing machine tak best sangat.. haha

  2. hahah haze, malu a bit.. this is my first time being a director using props from Jusco Sale! I prefer the spray one though, it dries faster than the roll on one.

  3. nice video and thanks sharing this information, must try this.

  4. a hahahahahahaha.. love the video u made!!!! LOL

  5. Rocking colors nice man I also want to buy badger casual stuff as I recently bought some Badger Sweatshirts from this nice store.



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