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The Story of The Elixir of Fresh Elegance


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The latest perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo swept me off my feet at Mid Valley Megamall. Their roadshow was not only pink, but the entire area smells of musky vanilla, sweet and irresistible with something floral in the air. I was immediately stunned by this new perfume, called Signorina. The beautifully designed flacon, reminds me of a ballerina dancer adorned in a peach pink ribbon. This was the perfect gift for a friend, who's birthday was the next day. I managed to get matching bags and pouch while shopping here. We (my colleagues) shared the gift and I thought it would be interesting to show what happened and how she felt, when she got her "Signorina" in her hands. Signorina is a lovely and chic Italian name that means young woman. Stylish, truly Italian, fresh and full of life.

the story of a Signorina
scene 1 : the surprise
scene 2: the presents
scene 3: omg thx guys!
scene 4: trying it out...
happy ending...

Happy Birthday Terince, hope you love the gift we got you. We wanted you to have something special on your birthday, befitting of a woman that you have become! May you be a Signorina forever and ever. 


  1. ouch.............so sweet and warm.....i love the gift and i love you guys too......

    1. love u too... hope u keep using the perfume!


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