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The Kitty is Moving Soon!


check out my home sweet home (almost ready)

Renovation is not done yet but we're almost there. The house is old, so there's a lot of fixing to do - the pipes, electrical stuffs, roof, patching, flooring, removing the garden away so there's room for one more small car. The bathroom is disappointingly small so we have it extended. It was ether going for a couple washing place or a bath tub. I decided to sacrifice the bath tub (I KNOW! HOW SAD) but that will make me more appreciative of bath tubs when I go on holidays and have a bath fiesta. Also because I don't use the bath tub everyday (waste energy and water), a He and She bath sinks is better. A rain shower is in place (going to be so awesome for my shower gels). I'll show once it's ready.

the house before renovation


  1. Rain shower is equally good as a bath tub

  2. Bath tub if u rajin ok,if not damn ma fan need scrub rub n rub can die,cepat post estee make ppl.drool

    Tutu jennifer

  3. I LOVE BATH TUB! Lol! used to fell asleep all the time and ended up kena marah by parents for taking so long to mandi! LOL!!

  4. This area very happening! Good one!

  5. house looks like it's coming along fine. can't wait to get the keys to my house and start renovating, too!


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