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Strip Ministry Of Waxing: Publika Solaris Dutamas


ready for the first jump?

I'm feeling really nervous because this Saturday, I have decided to go try something outrageous. I have been thinking about it from time to time and my period just ended so it's a good time to go trim the bush (more like pull it out) and experience a whole new "flat land" and find out why some of my friends do the monthly trip to Brazil religiously. Now when I think of Brazilian Wax there's one place I thought of, mainly because I really like their branding - of an orang utan in their posters. It just seems so cool, in a creative way. The shop interior is also interesting because each shop has a unique theme to it. I know Lot 10 looks like a ship at sea but I wondering what's the theme at Strip Publika, Solaris Dutamas? It's just opposite my condo :)

I missed out the "UnFURgivable" event at Strip Bangsar where I would've gone bare but thankfully, they still remember I'm quite bushy so I've been asked to review my experience at Strip Publika instead. Yes it's a sponsored review, but I will try my best to be "honest" about my bushy experience. Pray hard, I've been avoiding Brazilian Wax for as long as I can but now, it's time for some crazy.

Will I get over the embarrassment of having to show it all?

Click here to surf the Strip: Ministry of Waxing website for more information and current promotions.

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  1. just did my first time yesterday.. sakit but when you tengok hasilnya you akan rasa nak buat lagi.. goodluck!! >_<

    1. heyy!! where u do? and err.. how sakit is sakit? I'm concern about... showing it.. also >_< how u get over that one..?

  2. The waxers see a lot of bush everyday, so I don't think they would care so much about yours, per se. It's like going to the gynae - you just get used to it. The only other person who's going to see it is the person doing the deforestation.

    There's bound to be some pain, but not unbearable pain... I think.

    Good luck!

    1. that made me less nervous but... :((( I don't go gynae so it's never been shown to anyone else!!!

      err..do we get to go toilet to wash up b4... kena wax?

    2. If you have to, you can always say so to them - I'm sure no one wants any err, accidents... It wouldn't hurt to have clear bowels and bladder before the appointment lah. You can wipe yourself down with the sanitising wipe in the waxing room - there's no need to go to the toilet, they'll give you a little time to settle down. I usually go late mornings and after my morning shower so I'm clean already. Is that what you're referring to?

      There's always a first time for everything - even showing complete strangers your hoo-ha. This is nothing compared to changing rooms in America where you really see EVERYTHING O_o In China too, come to think of it.

      Sorry for the ramble :P

  3. Errrr...how was it??

  4. The swimming outfit zone, eyebrows and lip region are well known with the ladies for waxing. theepilatorsworld.com


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