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Nandos We Grill Champions! WIN A PERI PLATTER (for 4PAX)


introducing Macho Kai n Harry Kok Battles

question: what will you do to be a winner like Macho Kai?
(watch this video to find out)

Peri Platter for 4pax worth RM62 for a winner a week!

Contest Details: Will run on a weekly basis every Monday for 4 weeks (starting 18/6 until 13/7). Contest will end every Friday and a winner will be selected. After 4 weeks, winner list will be sent to Nandos Malaysia who will deliver the vouchers to the winners after 20th July, 2012. 

How To Win A Peri Platter This Week!
  1. leave a comment with the following details:
    follower name: (yes only for followers of this blog! click follow to be a follower)
    tell me what will you do to be a winner like Macho Kai! 
- contest starts Monday 18th June - 22nd June, 2012
- open to all followers of this blog
- Malaysian residents only
- you can enter as many times as you want but only 1 winner will be selected per week based on the most creative answers.
- prize will be delivered to you by Nandos Malaysia after 20th July, 2012.


  1. Follower name: Jessica
    email: jess_kitkat@hotmail.com
    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I will watch all the videos of my idol, David Beckham so that I could "bend it like Beckham" and not forgetting to eat as much as chicken as possible to get my important dose of protein!

  2. Follower name:chowchow7

    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I will make sure I build up my stamina by eating loads of Nando Chicken to get my protein and have "Chicken Dance" in order to build up my Macho six pax!!

  3. Follower name: Shiro
    email: shirochen@hotmail.com

    To be winner like Macho Kai, I will eat Nando's hot peri peri Chicken to "spice" up my stamina! :D

  4. Follower Name: Cindy
    Email: cindy_xinyi@yahoo.com

    To be winner like Macho Kai, I will eat Nando Peri Peri Chicken Breast.. to make sure I have the protein and energy; Plus Nando's rice, which give me enough carbohydrate.

  5. Follower : Sumijelly
    email : sumijielly99@yahoo.com

    To be winner like Macho Kai,I will eat Peri platter full of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate and energy required.


  6. Follower name: sayahappyslalu

    email: emelia_khamis@yahoo.com

    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I will definitely wear the afro hair wig as it shows my confident and nobody can beat me up! :P

  7. follower name: Jean
    e-mail: purplewardrobe@gmail.com

    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I definitely need a 4 pax Peri Platter, fill up my stomach before all the talking, training and showing my winner power!!!!!

  8. follower name: sherry
    email: sherrygo@hotmail.com

    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I would need add alot sauces of Nando on Nando chicken and rice, the sauces gave me strength and power to win!

  9. follower name: ameh wahab
    e-mail: ordinary.shoppe@gmail.com
    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I would need all 4 pax of Peri Platter to give the satisfaction to feel the glory of a winner!!

  10. follower name: foo lee
    email: foolee7{at}gmail{dot}com

    To be a winner like Macho Kai, I would down 3 raw eggs a day and practise on my punching bag 3 hours daily to keep me physically fit; do yoga practice and meditate every evening to keep me mentally ready and brush up on my hokkien so that I can leave a lasting impression when giving my winning speech in distinctive hokkien accent.


meow thx ^_^ for commenting

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