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We Grill Champions: Who's Feeling Lucky This Week like Harry Kok?


introducing Macho Kai n Harry Kok Battles

******LAST WEEK'S WINNER!******
congratulations 2 reader chowchow7
(I'd like to watch you chicken dance!)

(closing friday, who will win?)

question: what do you like about Harry Kok?
(watch this video to find out)

Peri Platter for 4pax worth RM62 for a winner a week!

Contest Details: Will run on a weekly basis every Monday for 4 weeks (starting 18/6 until 13/7). Contest will end every Friday and a winner will be selected. After 4 weeks, winner list will be sent to Nandos Malaysia who will deliver the vouchers to the winners after 20th July, 2012.
How To Win A Peri Platter This Week!
  1. leave a comment with the following details:
    follower name: (yes only for followers of this blog! click follow to be a follower)
    after watching Harry Kok's video, tell me what do you like about him?
- contest starts Monday 25th June - 29th June, 2012
- open to all followers of this blog
- Malaysian residents only
- you can enter as many times as you want but only 1 winner will be selected per week based on the most creative answers.
- prize will be delivered to you by Nandos Malaysia after 20th July, 2012.


  1. Follower name: Aubrey @ EasyBebe
    Email: easybaby88@gmail.com

    I can see that Harry Kok did not just talk 'Kok' but has been training really hard with weights, run and all. The flying chicken training he did at the end will be his victory dance :D

  2. Follower name: Chris Raja
    Email Name: aggressor_no1@yahoo.com

    What I like Harry Kok is that I can see the 'Peri Peri' in him. Nothing changes; from his goal, his training and also his hair style. One thing for sure, he will be keeping his promise to himself.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Follower name: Cheryl LJ
    Email: chenleejie@gmail.com

    I like Harry Kok because he has goals in his life and he is very confident, aggressive and positive to achieve his goals.

  5. Follower name: Jeremiah Teoh
    Email: jeremyca@ymail.com

    I like Harry Kok because he is humorous! he will spark when the day comes, trust me, he is very OPTIMISTIC! just like me ^_^

  6. Follower name: MegK
    Email: megk8986@gmail.com

    Harry Kok is a spiritual person who believes that the power to win are the forces around him! That's why I like him :)

  7. Follower name:Janoah Elegant

    Harry Kok has altered his mindset to do what he wishes to achieve which boils down to,if you cannot change the situation,you be the change.And his determination and empowerment towards his goals are seen as perseverance and passion that drives him towards that which he is after.

    That passion which drives him is the deal starter for me and as inspirational as it is that makes me believe that we have to put our mind into anything and everything that we do to achieve it that makes me like that of a character in him.

    I like also that he has made an indirect statment that winners are made,not born- by saying,"the harder I train,the more I believe I can win this competition" that is the spirit we all need in our lives,and so do I.


  8. Follower name: Foo Lee
    Email: foolee7[at]gmail[dot]com

    Harry Kok self-discipline, self-motivated and self-belief attitude are what I admire most because with such positive attributes, he's already starting at an advantage before the battle even begin as half the battle is won.

  9. Follower name: Sharine
    Email: mimerine[at]gmail[dot]com

    I’m so obsessed with Harry Kok. He’s pathetic & he believed that he can win.
    Even he is slim, but he is very passion, different from the norm & most importantly HOT like the hot peri-peri sauce. *blush* If I were compare him to Tobasco Sauce that is not intolerably hot. Still, hot peri-peri sauce is the best.

    You can do it Harry!


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