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Congratulations! New Zealand Natural Giveaway Winners


New Zealand Natural Giveaway Winners Results

Without further ado, here are the 5 lucky winners who managed to vow my ice cold heart for one (1) yummy large ice-cream at New Zealand Natural! Please e-mail me or fb pm me your mailing details so I can snail mail your yummy voucher to your mail box. All I need is your name, contact and address by 27th June, 2014 (else I'll eat your prize). Thank you for taking part in my ice-cream giveaway *blows kisses*.

Winner #1 Lenna Yeen:
Actually... to be very honest, I have never tried any New Zealand Natural ice-cream in my life though I love ice-cream very much. Oh no!?! *shy* hehe! Your pictures make me drool and cause me to have a sudden urge to approach the nearest NZN kiosk. Haha! I didn't know that NZN served so many types of desserts, drinks and food. Now I know about it after seeing your post! Hehehe... I can have a new yumcha place with my friends next time. I don't mind gain little bit for my weight if I get to enjoy this premium ice-cream! I will work hard to kill off the calories after that.. :P

Winner #2 Nadia Shahrel
Wow! It's been months since I went to curve nor did I know that New Zealand natural has a new redesigned interior & a mini cafe serving customers delicious pastries, drinks & of course not forgetting their yummy ice-cream. Before I would only buy their RM3.90 promotion for my kids. Now with their new food menu, I definitely want to bring my kids to enjoy not only ice-cream but also other scrumptious food on the menu! I want to experience in sitting in their newly design interior, enjoy the ambiance, sit back & relax & maybe pick up a book to read as well as I've heard that there is a book area too! A great way to enjoy a day with my kids! Your pictures are so mouth-watering! Brownie temptation looks so tempting, banana split looks extremely yummy! Pasties & waffles are my favourite too! Definitely need to make a visit New Zealand Natural soon!

Winner # 3 Nicole Yie
It makes me feel like LOOK AT THOSE TEMPTING PICTURES, MUST GET THEM NAOOO! Haha. As I know about New Zealand Natural, they are quite a high standard dessert store but I didn't really try it before (as I rarely seen it at any of my nearby mall). But after reading this post, I know that it's better than what I expected! The decoration of the foods, environment, and the choices of dessert!! *yum yum yum!* I hope I can try it from this giveaway! Thanks Tammy! 

Winner #4 Megan Ren
I absolutely LOVE the ice-cream there though I've only tried a few flavors and I really want to try the Affogato flavored one. Oh and the FOOODD, I haven't tried them yet but looking from the pictures you posted, I'm definitely going to give them a try! And OMGGG they have a mini library at the Curve's outlet?!?!??! IM SO GONNA GO THERE! Thanks for having this giveaway Tammy! Hope I can win it so I can try the different flavors you've recommended! 

Winner #5 Liz Rohaizat
I'm so impressed! I never thought an ice cream parlor can give more than just an ice cream. A mini library for a bookworm like me who loves ice cream? That is unique. Many ice cream outlets serve ice cream without artificial flavour and color but what makes New Zealand Natural stands out from others is they walk the talk by go green. With so many flavor to choose, it'll be hard for me to decide the flavor I want to try :)

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