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Men are like Cosmetic Brands on Dating Apps


tinder is fast becoming one of the hottest dating app
(thanks to Comedian Badboi JenHan)

Has anyone gone into dating apps? (Tinder, Skout, Paktor, etc). It's like the hottest trend now for anyone who's single (and well some married and attached ones as well which I wonder, what are their intentions?). I thought I start writing about my research on these apps and comparing it with make up. If men were like make up,  you would come across with:

A: Imitations from the street
B: Drugstore / Pharmacy brands
C: Luxury line

The imitations would put on an act as the perfect or "nice" guy and majority are Casanovas (players). They look like the real thing but they aren't. They lie about their status (rship/work/age/etc), pretend to be of a certain personality and about their intentions. In the end all you get is "cheap" make up which leaves you with a really bad breakout. Usually really good advertisement but look out for the fine print. May be for illustration purposes only.

Drugstore brands on the other hand are normal guys out there, genuinely looking for friendship or relationship. Like drugstore brands, they are simple, guy next door dudes suitable for the mass public. However they pretty much can't stand out with so many competition in the app just like deciding which lip balm you would want to buy at Guardian. You know there's so many, each with it's own benefits or lack of.

The luxury brands, or as we girls call it "atas" brands are of course what every girl would want but let's be realistic okay. Luxury brands are expensive, there's no big slash off prices unless you go to the warehouse sales, where they're out of season and about to expire. These men would never be found on the dating apps unless they are married or out there looking for "fun" to pass time. Normally good looking, successful or powerful. If they are looking for love on dating apps, it's just marketing strategy to find the one who would like them for who they really are.

Well that's what I think. What do you think? (if you have tried dating apps).

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  1. Wow! Good write up and good comparison. I think there are too many men with intention on those apps. And I am too lazy to try finding out who is sincere. So I removed the apps. Lol

    1. lol.. just to simplified the type of men out there to make up. Mostly they're not sincere, but when you find some good normal men, they can be great chat buddies turn friends.

  2. I never tried this so-called online dating apps before though I've heard lots about it. I dumped my ex-bf last time when I found out that he was having affair with some women (that he met over Friendster) while he was dating me (and we were having our dinner at that moment). It was pretty 'gross' to read all their 'flirty' conversations via SMS. I assume Tinder and other online dating apps are the best 'places' where married men (who are trying to figure out if they still got that 'charm' after they got married) to flirt with other women. I asked my hubby if he ever tried these dating apps before, and I'm pretty glad he knows that this online dating apps doesn't bring any good yet would lead to meeting some fake or insincere people in life.

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