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Pitch Perfect 2 Review


they say sequels sux, but PP2 is the bomb

Just got back from watching the movie and yes everyone is asking whether the movie is good enough to spend RM16 (or less depending on which cinema you go to). Okay that's how much I paid for a ticket at TGV 1 Utama. I won't go into details naming characters, what nots but I do want to say how good this movie is compared to the first. I was literally moving to the beat and cheering from my seat from the start of the movie until the end credits. It was mind blowing that I could experience beautiful voices, songs, mash ups, and the height of all inspiring determination from the all female a cappella group from Barden University. The energy was pouring from the movie as we watch how the girls got back their groove from being shamed initially at the start of the movie with an oppsy incident from Fat Amy who happens to be my favourite character.

I also loved how I bonded with the characters this time around as Elizabeth Banks (the director and also "Gail" the a cappella commentator) playfully injected romance, friendship (sisterhood), friendly competition and drama into the storyline.

Definitely a must watch, if I dare say, seconds and thirds as well. I'm glad I got to watch this before I fly off to Korea on Sunday night. I could not help cheering and singing to the tunes and being pumped up as a girl myself. Beautiful, wonderful, inspiring movie not to be missed. Pitch Perfect 2, is in my opinion, PERFECT.

P.S: Elizabeth Banks saved the best for last. My heart jumped out and landed on the floor with that last performance by Barden Bellas. 

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  1. my most anticipated movie this yearrrr! can't waitttt!!


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