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Talking about Pads


I love receiving surprises (who don't?)

Hi Blog, it's been a hell of a journey this month. I was practically missing from action in Malaysia as I travelled to 2 countries, Philippines for 4 days and Korea for 2 weeks. To sum it up, I have tons of homework to do now (pending blog reviews) and while I stared into my Macbook screen, I don't know where to start. Perhaps I start with how I receive a year's supply of sanitary pads to use.

It was Saturday morning, a day before I leave to Philippines. The postmen woke me up and with my bed hair and favorite black oversized long sleeve top I zombie myself to the door hoping the postman would think it's sexy instead of hell what happened to this girl. 

thank you Kao Malaysia for the gift :)

To my surprise, he handed me a big parcel to sign and I was like *yay yay yay* running into the house to take a selfie. Then I open up the box and *omg* it's filled with assorted sanitary pads from Laurier. I think this can last me like until 2016 which is really awesome because I love hoarding stuffs that I need (practical this way, to beat inflation) like a hamster. Then I saw an envelope, inside RM500 worth of TopShop vouchers to buy clothes!!! *jumps rolls around and gets up again*. I gave them to my brother for his birthday (what an awesome sister I am - no actually a cheapskate one). Hope he buys a couple of working clothes with it.

"girl" stuffs in Korea haha!!!

I tried the green one, it smells really herbal

lavender sanitary pads people!

100% cotton sanitary pad (fragrance free)

Sanitary Pad Panties!!! how cool is this?

I wanted to buy it but it's expensive RM35 for 10pcs

Fast forward since we are on the topic of pads, I went crazy at Lotte Mart (Seoul Station) checking out their range of "girl" stuffs available. There is just so many variety to choose from and they're packaged differently than in Malaysia. From 100% cotton to herbal scented pads to even pad panties. Why don't Malaysia bring in these really cool types of pads in the market?. The aesthetics of it is really impressive.

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  1. looks like someone went on a pad discovery spree lolololol.

  2. Sanitary pad panties looks cool rite! I wonder why Malaysia don't have it, then we girls will sleep deeply without dead worry thinking of bocor thing!

  3. I usually buy pads from overseas too just to try out their technology. From Taiwan to Korea, Singapore and Japan. So far the closest and the best I have tried is the Whisper Cosmo Pads which are ultra thin and super absorbent that is available in Guardian and Watsons Singapore. It's actually Japan technology and great for super heavy flows that runs like water. Must buy!

  4. reading this .. our sanitary pad damn boring huh! so stereotype kind of pads

  5. i want this:Sanitary pad panties


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