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YTL Hotels Not Honouring Membership Priviledges


exclusive benefits & privileges?

It saddens me that I have to pen this down on my blog. I hope I can reach out to more YTL Platinum Plus members this way. It's not just me but a group of us who have spoken out against the unfair practice by YTL Hotels not honoring the YTL Platinum Plus membership privileges sold to us. I remember when I first signed up last year, happy beyond words that my journey to discovering YTL Resorts would begin. You can read all about it here. This was largely due to the YTL Pangkor Laut trip I took many years ago which sparked a bucket list to visit all YTL resorts in what little time I have. 

Working in Malaysia, you see everything rise other than your salary. Petrol hike, food, services, goods, GST (already I'm paying tax for earning my salary and now I have to pay more tax to use it). They say we have the most holidays but it's only during the major festivities.

When I finally decide to take annual leave to celebrate his birthday, I did my usual research reading up reviews on TripAdvisor and blogs. I checked room availabilities and transportation options (I can't drive). It doesn't make it easy for locals who can't drive to visit YTL's fame Resorts because they're all situated in obscure locations. To get there, one either have to take YTL's luxury services or resort to a package that entitles them or hire local services that charges (still cheaper than YTL's). 

For instance, Tanjong Jara, a return trip by flight and taxis would costs RM600 more or less. If you take the bus, it's cheaper but you have to travel for 6hours. That's the price of a night's stay in 5-star hotels.

With my research all done, I contacted YTL Hotels to utilized my one-time certificate entitling me to a 20% discount at a designated resort. It's only 1 certificate mind you. They replied, "all our rooms are fully allotted". What's allotted?! This is the first time I am hearing this. It's not stated in my certificate or membership program that rooms are subjected to allotment.

True enough, after making some checks, I receive information that YTL Hotels are refusing to honor that 20% privilege to its member and brushing them off with "allotment gone". Rooms are plenty available, why are they refusing to let us enjoy this one-time privilege? It would help a lot for members like me. We could get a better room, better view, splurge on a spa (mind you it ain't cheap) or take a plane instead of the gruesome 6 hours journey on the road. All this will hopefully make our one time, memorable and hey we'll come back for more! (like me). 

A member by the name of Sim Yee, had a different story. When she called, she was told rooms are available, in fact, 10 rooms were. When she mentions she'd like to utilize her one-time privilege, they told her sorry, no rooms are available. What's with the differential treatment? 

It seems they rather disappointed us a lifetime than honor a one-time privilege

Member Yie Chie who received a complimentary room certificate upon signing as a member was told that all rooms were "allotted" when she made her booking 3 months in advance for a birthday treat. Upon further questioning, YTL Hotels told her the hotel in question were under renovation. Asked to change a date, she told them July and rooms were "available" but at RM100 charge on top.

I am still an avid fan of YTL Hotels. I love all of them and I hope to visit all of the beautiful obscure resorts with what little time I have, racing against inflation. I boast and pride YTL destinations to my friends and family. They must visit, it's the best, it's luxurious! The best service. They are, after all, a slice of heaven for locals like myself.

I plead YTL Hotels to allow us, the members to use our one-time privilege for a designated resort. It's what makes the whole membership experience fulfilling. I also plead to them to look into our benefits and privileges because if you start taking them away, there is nothing left to feel privileged about.

I also hope to members who are also searching for an answer, to find my post. The stronger our voices are, the stronger our plea will be. 

YTL, you throw lavish invites to bloggers but here is one who's paying and talking about you freely. One who's privilege is cut short, and still, she booked and paid for her vacation because she believes in your services and properties.

Here are the YTL Platinum Plus members who have come out to voice their disappointment on YTL's social media channels. YTL Hotels has yet to give an explanation to all of us. You may read what they say here:

member Hannah Vine on Twitter

members voicing out on YTL Hotel's FB

members voicing out their frustrations

member WeiYing 15 Feb 2016

member Lim 21 Feb 2016

Till todate YTL has chosen to ignore us & challenge
us to complained on social media. YTL Hotels FB has hidden/disallowed all the complaints since Feb.We hope out outcry would be heard


  1. Hi Tammy, I'm sorry to hear about your treatment from YTL. Been to pangkor and tanjung Jara and service by them has been superb. I wonder why they have started to do this? Anyways, just trying my luck here. would you happen to still have your Japan niseko 20% voucher off for rooms? Would you've using it? If not, could I purchase it from you? Thanks!

  2. Hey Darling Burn,

    I still have it and the certificate is transferable. I won't be going to Japan so you can have mine. However, I think you may face the same issues as all of us when you try to use the certificate with YTL.

    Do FB me at FB.com/tammylci to arrange time to collect the certificate.

    1. I've pm you on Facebook. Should be in the other message outbox? I've added you as friend too if you don't mind 😊

  3. Sigh..I had such "fight" with other memberships but I don't have a blog to whine last time.. sometimes..Platinum members means platinum payers to corporations.

    1. Lyn, actually I was very reluctant to blog about this as it may affect any relationships I have with YTL or it's big "company". Maybe get hit by car when I walk outside. Joking.. well you get the idea.

  4. I remember you told me so many times that you love going to YTL luxurious hotels, which I initially wanted to go as well, but now with this, I think I better reconsider.... Oh, lucky I didn't renew my membership! I am thinking to sign up with another hotel instead......

    1. sigh..... I know... and I can't believe this is happening from such a big company

  5. hi there...did anyone of you get reply from YTL Hotel ?? i was told they are not accepting all the accommodation vouchers! sighzzz...

    1. Hey Jessie, please add me on fb/tammylci because we have a group of members who's discussing on what to do. YTL is ignoring our complaints, they even challenge another member today to post on social media.

  6. Guess what? YTL platinum plus certificate for the one night complimentary stay also doesn't work anymore !!!!


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